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Real Era Stop 3.1

Allows to stop research (of techs and civics) at specific Era (Classical to Atomic)

  1. Infixo
    New version 3.1 as of 10.09 - Mod setup via Advanced Options. Information Era supported.

    Allows to stop the game at a specific Era, from Classical to Information. This mod literally removes all techs, civics, and items associated with them that are from eras past the last one. For R&F it also removes Game Eras past last one, so the game won't accidentally progress into the next era.

    Important! The Last Era is now set via Advanced Options when the game is created. See the attached screenshot. There is no more .sql parameter. The Calendar is set also in Advanced Options by selecting it from Game Speed dropbox. Do NOT use "No turn limit" option when setting up a game - see Known Issues.

    How to use
    When you create a game, go to the Advanced Options and choose Last Era from the dropdown list. See the screenshot.

    Custom Calendars (optional functionality for better immersion)
    Allows you to choose in Advanced Options a custom Game Speed that will make the dates displayed in the top right corner aligned with chosen Last Era. E.g. if you choose Renaissance, after 500 turns the date will be 1745 AD. Or if you choose Medieval, after 500 turns the date will be 1400 AD.

    • The mod is designed to be used together with Real Tech Tree. RTT fills gaps in trees so the Future Tech and Future Civic will work as intended. You can use RES without RTT, but due to many gaps in vanilla trees, there will be techs and civics "hanging" without connection to FutTech/FutCivic.
    • For balance purposes, if you choose Medieval as the last Era, Monarchy is removed from the tree. It's because other 2 govs from 2nd tier govs are not available until Renaissance.
    • Shipwrecks are moved earlier if last Era is Industrial or Modern. It seems that without them game crashes when an Archaeologist is trainied.
    • For Medieval - Cartography is moved to Medieval (without Caravels) [tweak so ocean-crossing is available].
    • For Classical - all land units can embark when Celestial Navigation is researched and researching Shipbuilding allows for ocean crossing [tweak].
    • For Classical - Lumber Mill is moved to Engineering (this is to fix Goody Hut situation - the MapUtilities.lua script uses a row id from database to mark Goody Huts, so there cannot be any deleted rows before GH for it to work correctly).
    • Gathering Storm - Flood Barrier is moved earlier and has adjusted cost if the last era is Industrial or Modern. For Industrial - to Sanitation, costs 70%. For Modern - to Electricity, costs 85%.
    • World Congress - The Patronage Resolution is valid only till the era before the last one i.e it should never be selected during the last era. This should prevent the situation when all Great People are gone and the resolution is still selected in the WC.
    Great People
    Some Great People have bonuses related to Eras beyond the last one. This may cause a CTD (e.g. when triggering a boost for a tech that's not there). Also, makes those GPs less valuable. To fix this the following changes are applied:
    • If a GP boosts a specific tech that's not available, it will boost a tech from the last Era (i.e. Sheng - Education, Lovelace - Economics or Electricity, Mendeleev - Scientific Theory, Turing - Electricity, Goddard - Chemistry),
    • If a GP boosts some random techs/civics from an Era beyond the last one, he/she will simply boost techs/civics from the last Era (there are many cases like this),
    • If a GP grants a unit that is not available any more - another one will be granted instead (one case, Yi Sun Sin will grant Caravel instead of Ironclad).
    Please note that the descriptions for those GPs are not changed! E.g. for Bi Sheng it will always say that he grants Printing, even if last Era will be Medieval (in which case he will grant a boost for Education, despite the description). Sorry for that little inconvinience.

    • Can be used with any other mod that adds new units and/or buildings (normal and unique), tested for Wondrous Wonders and Moar Units.
    • The Production Queue mod (used also in CQUI) will not work if last era is Renaissance or earlier.
    Known issues
    • Do NOT use "No turn limit" option when setting up a game. It will make the game progress to the era past the last one causing issues with World Congress.


    1. 1_med_tech.jpg
    2. 1_med_civic.jpg
    3. 2_ren_tech.jpg
    4. 2_ren_civic.jpg
    5. datessamples.jpg
    6. last era option.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Chechu
    Version: 2.9
    Always wanted to have a tool for this specific parameter... something I've always thought should have been included in the base game to begin with... oh well.
    In behalf of all those downloads without rating and all the users to benefit from your efforts (both here and on Steam), Infixo, a big thank you.
    1. Infixo
      Author's Response
      Thx, I appreciate it :)
  2. Exletrum
    Version: 2.7
    Well done! But you do not feel sorry for your time? I made my map probably 20 hours. And you create quite complex modifications. Okay, anyway, your business. You have no plans to continue working on real strategy? Thanks again. Your mods are used by several thousand people.
    1. Infixo
      Author's Response
      Modding keeps my brain fresh. I will update Real Strategy for GS, for sure.
  3. gelodgreat
    Version: 1.6
    Good. It would be better if u have icons for yerevan and jerusalem suzerain
    1. Infixo
      Author's Response
      What do you mean? The mod doesn't touch icons nor city-states in any way.