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Real Eurekas

Real Eurekas 5.0.1

Version 5.0.1
- Compatibility with CQUI-Lite.
Version 5.0
- Updated for New Frontier Pass.
- Several minor tweaks and new boosts.
- Fixed an issue with "Train an Inquistor".
- Fixed an isse where boosts were visible in Civilopedia when in Shuffle Mode and tech/civic has not been revealed yet.
Version 4.0.1
- Changed LoadOrder for compatibility with the latest CQUI. Please note that REU will overwrite features that CQUI adds to the trees.
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Version 4.0
- Added: New custom boosts "Pillage an improvement with a unit" and "Have a unit with x promotions".
- Added: 36 news boosts specific for Gathering Storm.
- Changed: Major changes to how randomization works. There is now a possibility to have random boosts but the same for the entire game. See RealEurekas_0_Setup.sql for instructions how to do that.
- Added: MultiPlayer support. All math.random calls removed from UI scripts. Use Option A as a randomization method.
Version 3.0
- Updated for Gathering Storm.
- Works with Better Tech Tree mod (v1.3).
- Fixed: Boosts have default game value e.g. 50% for vanilla and 40% for R&F and GS.

Please note that all new techs and civics from GS have only 1 boost now (the default one). I will add more once I get more familiar with the new features of GS.
Version 2.7
- Added: CQUI compatible.
- Changed: Minor tuning for several boosts.
Version 2.6
- Updated for Spring 2018 Patch.
Version 2.5
- Added: ToolTip in the boost popup with info about the event that triggered the boost.
- Added: 27 boosts "build a specific wonder".
- Added: 9 boosts "establish a specific government".
- Added: 13 boosts "have x great works of the specific type".
- Added: 5 boosts "have x followers of your religion".
- Added: 13 boosts "complete a project".
- Added: 3 boost "have x nuclear devices".
- Changed: Research Agreement boosts are changed into Alliance boosts when using Rise & Fall.
- Changed: Internal technical change that allows for a variable number of possible boosts assigned to one tech/civic.
- Fixed: Removed Radio boost "have an aluminum mine" as one not possible to get.
Version 2.4
- New boosts: Meet a specific category City-State, Be a Suzerain of a specific category City-State, Be a Suzerain of X City-States.
- Train Unit reworked for a custom boost, so the initial settler will no longer trigger "train a Settler" boost.
- Settle Capital on a Coast changed into custom boost, so it will not trigger after reloading for a different tech/civic.
Version 2.3.1
- Changed: triggered boosts are always displayed.
Version 2.3
- New option for Trigger Visibility - techs/civics that can be researched.
- Added custom boosts related to hills and lakes.
- Updated 8 boosts for Ancient Era techs.
Version 2.2
- Updated for Rise & Fall
Version 2.1 - Fall 2017 Patch compatible
Version 2.0 - First custom boosts
Additional ~25 new boosts, different from the ones provided by the game. They depend on how you settle your first 2 cities.
Version 1.2 Boost trigger visibility option: always on, hidden until researching, hidden until activated.
Version 1.1
Fixed Mining and Pottery boosts (there were switched).
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