Real Fixes

Real Fixes 230503

New version 230419 - the music patch works now.

Several fixes for various bugs and glitches I've gathered for the last 5 years. Mostly technical. Some of them are minor, some are not :) Look into the sql files for details, there is really a lot of things.
This mod doesn't change anything "permanently" and doesn't change save files. You can enable and disable it at any time.

List of gameplay fixes
Please note that the mod contains several technical fixes that are virtually not visible while playing. The list below just lists fixes that affect gameplay rules and are visible while playing.
  • 200705 War Carts and Warrior Monks don't get Alpine Training from Matterhorn. When fixed, they do.
  • 230402 Nzinga's AI params force her to settle other continents. When fixed, she tries to avoid other continents.
  • 230403 Barbarian's attack force uses a discarded class tag on higher difficulties thus weaking the force. When fixed, it properly uses heavy cavalry for attacking cities.
  • 230409 Tokugawa's ability works for districts up to 6 tiles from the capital. When fixed, works for districts in cities up to 6 tiles from the capital.
  • 230409 Hagia Sopia is giving charges to all units. When fixed, it gives charges only to Missionaries and Apostles, as in the description.
  • 230409 Strategic Air Force Policy is not working for Modern and Atomict planes. When fixed, it works for all planes and aircraft carriers, as in the description.
  • 230419 Missing UNITAI_BUILD tags fixed. Should help AI to build things like Parks.

Start Biases
There are few fixes and/or tweaks to civ's start biases that some might find controversial or not usable.
1. You can safely use BBS (Better Balanced Starts). Changes from Real Fixes will be disabled then. Please note that it must be this version.
2. If you still want to disable them - there is a param in the file real_fixes_start_biases.sql. Just set it to '0'.
3. By default, if you don't use BBS, the following will happen.
a) new weak biases: Georgia and Scotland for hills, India and Sumeria for flat terrain.
b) boosted a bit: England for iron and coal, Australia for cattle, horses and sheep.
That's all. All other civs are unchanged.
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