Real Governor Inspector (UI) 1.3

Helps managing Governors.

  1. Infixo
    New version 1.3 as of 27.02 - compatibility with Real Era Stop mod.

    Helps managing Governors.

    Requires Gathering Storm.
    Supported languages: English, 한국어/조선말 (Korean).

    Opens a window with a list of cities and information about gains provided by a governor when placed in the city.
    - Supports Liang, Mangus, Pingala, Reyna and Victor.
    - Button to open the report is added to the Global Reports.
    - The singular cell with information about effect a promotion has in a city has two lines:
    - Top line shows impact on yields. It also covers tourism, housing, etc.
    - Bottom line shows some extra information, often not yield related but that can be helpful.
    - There are tooltips in column headers that tell what this extra information is.
    - Various additional info that helps with the governors - Audience Chamber flag, policies flags, ability to go to the city, open the governor panel, etc.
    - Please note that the Total column sums up yields from earned promotions. If you want to sum up all promotions, then there is an option RGI_OPTION_TOTAL_ALL in GovernorInspector_Database.sql - set it to '1'.

    Known issues
    1. Some effects give x% of yields. The calculations here don't take into account other active modifiers except for amenities, so they may be a little incorrect. For them to be correct, a base yield is needed but this information is not available from the game engine and recreating it from scratch is insanly difficult, and I will not do it.
    2. As of now this mod supports only vanilla GS setup for governors. It will show incorrect values if you somehow change the parameters of promotions (e.g. via a mod).

    - wizel - Korean localization.


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