Real Great People (UI)

Real Great People (UI) 5.0.1

New version 5.0 as of 17.12 - Added a new Overview tab.

Pictures of real Great People. Contains all Great People (ex. Comandante Generals, see note below), a total of 203 icons. Improved Great People window including a new Overview tab.

Works with the base game, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, Hero Mode, CQUI, Concise UI. Language independent.

Mod features:
- Pictures of the real Great People. Contains all Great People (ex. Comandante Generals, see note below), a total of 203 icons.
- GP progress is shown for all civs and sorted by turns to get the GP.
- Prophets are not in the middle of the window anymore, so the annoying space when they're all recruited is gone :)
- Previously Recruited page allows for filtering by GP class or civ.
- Pictures also appear in the Civilopedia (ex. Comandante Generals, see note below).
- The Overview tab shows all GPs of a given class and allows for planning which ones to claim.

1. Please note that the mod does NOT add any new Great People. These are pictures of GPs that are available in the base game only (inc. Timur and F.Magellan from R&F).
2. Please also note that there are no pictures for Comandante Generals as they do not appear in the Great People window. However, if somebody is willing to prepare the pictures so they would be displayed in the Civilopedia, then I'd be happy to add them into the mod.
3. There is no picture of Himerios - couldn't find any credible visualization of him.
4. In Hero Mode please go to Hero tab from either Great People or Previously Recruited.

@Sun Ce of Wu - for Great Prophets
@SeelingCat - for Great Writers
@DemonEmperor - for Great Generals
@Desertmoongw - for Great Artists
@natchuy - for Great Merchants
@Gabrielino77 - for Great Scientists
The mod originally used a slightly tweaked Great People Window from Chao's CQUI.
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Latest updates

  1. Hero mode fix

    Version 5.0.1 - Added: Support for additional Eras e.g. "6T - Grand Eras" mod. - Fixed: Hero tab...
  2. Overview tab

    Version 5.0 A new tab "Overview" added. It shows all GPs of a specific class and allows for...
  3. Version 4.0 Babylon Pack

    Version 4.0 - Updated for Bablyon Pack. - 23 new pictures added (all ex. Himerios - I cannot...
  4. Version 3.5 New Frontier update

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  5. Version 3.4 September 2019 Patch

    Version 3.4 - Updated for September 2019 Patch.
  6. Version 3.3 List of GPs in the era

    Version 3.3 - Added: Hovering over the Era Name displays names of all GPs from that era with an...
  7. Version 3.2 Turns Left

    Version 3.2 - Changed: Recruit Progress is sorted by Turns Left, then by GP Points. This way the...
  8. Version 3.1 Visual changes

    Version 3.1 - Visual changes. Fixed original background so the weird darker area is gone. Panels...
  9. Version 3.0 Gathering Storm

    Version 3.0 - Updated for Gathering Storm. - Visual issue: the window background is a picture...
  10. Version 2.0 Filters

    Version 2.0 New features in the Previously Recruited tab: - Great Person Class filter. -...

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Thank you for all of your hard work for updating and improving this awesome mod for us! You rock!
What a wonderful way to represent all the great people of our world! Expetacular!
Nice adding to the Civilopedia!
One of my fav
Nice mod
I can add more great people types with this mod, GREAT! Many thanks for this mod.
Very nice mod bro thanks!
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