Real Natural Disasters

Real Natural Disasters 2.4.3

Incredible mod with beautiful complexity by one of the best modders in civ history
Thats...somewhat interesting.

I'd actually dont need reports for every disaster (and I also don't understand it, mostly - structure, logic...) - maybe optional or not needed at all (or we have notifications area in Civ6 - can it be shorten and placed there..?

Sound is a bit more devastating then the disaster :)

I also tried it with maxed settings... well, I haven't felt the apocalypsis. It was somewhat like "Huh, smth happened somewhere, my lands are in ruins :D ... oh, epicenter... nice.
BUT: it sometimes crashed the whole game totally (just quiting to desktop, no messages or something. On my turn, at volcano and earthquake...)

Any chance of animation like Civ6 default disasters ? ;)
Excellent mod in my opinion. One might wonder how come that Infixo makes the game better than the developers who are getting paid.
Good mod, in theory. In application, the obnoxious buzzer sounding every turn gets old fast, and can't be turned off. Redundant reports every turn that must be click-closed is also annoying.
Very fun. Could be a base feature!
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