Real Natural Disasters

Real Natural Disasters 2.4.3

Version 2.4.3
- Removed hard dependency from More Lenses, so the mod can be used with CQUI. Please note that either ML or CQUI must be enabled for RND to work!
Version 2.4.2
- Updated for September 2019 Patch.
Version 2.4.1
- New awesome disaster icons courtesy of @Rac.
- Localization for Português do Brasil courtesy of @Rac.
Version 2.4.0
- Updated for Gathering Storm patch.
- Updated for the latest version of More Lenses.
Version 2.3.0
- Changed: Wonders and Palace are immune to disasters. Reparing Wonders late-game is problematic because the game checks if conditions to place a wonder (like a new one) are still valid and only then allows for reparing. This is often not true because the wonder already occupies the only available spot.
- Added: Possibility to harvest Permament Disaster sites (Volcano Crater, etc.) comes with Sanitation.
- Changed: Lowered a chance to get a permanent resource (from ~70% to ~50%).
- Changed: A popup info about the distaster will only open if the disaster is actually visible (i.e. any of affected tiles is visible).
- Fixed: Flag for Multiplayer games is set to False. This is Single Player only mod.
Version 2.2
- Added: Simplified Chinese localization, courtesy of @Sknaht.
- Added: Compatibility tweaks for YnAMP mod.
Version 2.1.1
- Compatible with CQUI and HBWII.
- Removed hard dependency on More Lenses.
Version 2.1
- Updated for Rise & Fall and new version of More Lenses.
Version 2.0 Major changes and new features.
- Visualizations.
- Disaster prevention mechanisms.
- Disaster resources.
- Many tweaks and improvements.
Version 1.2
- You can now turn down the volume of sound warnings using the volume slider for Special Effects in Audio Options.
- In the report, if the civ has not been met, its name will not be shown.
- 'Free' turn (no disaster, only info screen) will happen at 1st turn, no matter what the starting Era is.
- "No disasters" option added for modpacks that would include RND but someone wanted to play without RND.
Version 1.1
- Startup Options that allow to select number of disasters, their strength and range.
- Disasters frequency is automaticaly adjusted also for Game Speed.
- Improvements may sometimes survive (same as Buildings in Cities).
- Player's civ name is highlighted in Green in the report, so it's easy to find.
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