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Real Strategy 1.2

Making AI better. One bit at a time. Test version.

  1. Version 1.2 Gathering Storm, cont'd

    Version 1.2 Gathering Storm update, cont'd
    - Enabled Operations, Tactics and Behavior Trees tweaks.
    - Added: Full support for Discussions and Resolutions.
    - Added: Naval Siege and Melee units for attacking coastal cities.
    - Added: Military strategy has a minor preference for Amenities.
    - Fixed: Anarchy (i.e. no government) scoring issue.
  2. Version 1.1.1 Fixed DLCs & MaxGameTurns

    Version 1.1.1
    - Fixed: Issue with criteria to support various DLCs.
    - Fixed: Issue with calculations when the game uses "No Game Turn Limit" option.
  3. Version 1.1 Gathering Storm

    Version 1.1
    Gathering Storm update. Please note that it will take few versions before the mod will be fully updated and balanced for GS. This is the first of the updates.
    - Completed all technical changes required to work with GS.
    - Diplomatic Victory enabled with an inital strategy. There is a scoring function implemented that will be tweaked in the coming weeks. Please note that vanilla game does NOT have any diplo strategy.
    - All leaders from GS have their strategies reviewed. Some tweaks...
  4. Version 1.0 Official release

    Version 1.0
    The mod is feature complete. More development after Gathering Storm is released.
    - Added: Lua script to manually activate GWAMs in case they get stuck (and they do, quite often).
    - Added: Boosted priority of Air attacks in AllowedMoves (experimental).
    - Changed: Lowered City Attack distance ranges - AIs should attack border cities first.
    - Changed: Better handling of disabled victories. The AIs should behave properly even with only one condition left.
    - Changed: Various balancing...
  5. Version 0.7 Naval strategies and more

    Version 0.7

    New major feature: Naval strategies.
    - A civ based on revealed tiles will determine its geo-situation as one of: Pangea, Default, Coastal, Island. Appropriate strategy will be activated, basically affecting types of units built and operations executed. Most visible effects should be on heavy water maps where civs should build strong navies and use ships for war more often.
    - Naval operations should use more ranged ships from Medieval era onwards.

    New major feature: Persistant...
  6. Version 0.6 Major update

    Version 0.6
    Major update with lots of tweaks and few new functionalities.
    - Added: Support for MultiPlayer. See details in the description.
    - Added: More Science - activates when a civ is behind in num techs.
    - Added: More Culture - activates when a civ is behind in culture.
    - Added: More GW Slots - activates when a civ has more GPs than slots for GWs.
    - Added: Support for Government Plaza buildings.
    - Added: A fixed BH "Manage Great People". Removed one node that caused the tree to get...
  7. Version 0.5 iOS compatibility, Time Strategies

    Version 0.5
    - Added: iOS compatibility (
    - Added: Fixed BH "Simple City Defense" so it doesn't stuck when there is no unit to garrison.
    - Added: Revised Time Strategies, inc. Atomic and Information.
    - Changed: Various tweaks.