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Real Strategy 0.6

Making AI better. One bit at a time. Test version.

  1. Version 0.6 Major update

    Version 0.6
    Major update with lots of tweaks and few new functionalities.
    - Added: Support for MultiPlayer. See details in the description.
    - Added: More Science - activates when a civ is behind in num techs.
    - Added: More Culture - activates when a civ is behind in culture.
    - Added: More GW Slots - activates when a civ has more GPs than slots for GWs.
    - Added: Support for Government Plaza buildings.
    - Added: A fixed BH "Manage Great People". Removed one node that caused the tree to get...
  2. Version 0.5 iOS compatibility, Time Strategies

    Version 0.5
    - Added: iOS compatibility (
    - Added: Fixed BH "Simple City Defense" so it doesn't stuck when there is no unit to garrison.
    - Added: Revised Time Strategies, inc. Atomic and Information.
    - Changed: Various tweaks.