New version 3.3 as of 14.06 - Fixed Square Rigging.

This mod works with vanilla, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm.

Improved Tech and Civic Trees to be more historically accurate and logical.
1. I have added new connections to the Tech Tree to patch many omissions and to make it more logical. This was done also to prevent beeling 2 Eras ahead or generally research things without proper historically sound background.
2. Balanced beelining - techs in the same Era have similar number of prereqs.
3. Eliminated dead-end techs which will cause AI to update its units.
4. Additional ~20 dependencies in the Civic Tree to make it more balanced.
5. Slightly decreased Eureka boosts for better game pace.
6. (Optional) Placement of some Governments - see screenshot and more info below. It is disabled by default.

Tech Tree examples:
  • Need Masonry to build a Great Lighthouse
  • Need some kind of furnace to produce Iron
  • Workshops need rather Iron and various Constructions to operate than Horses
  • Medieval walls and castles were quite complex engineering works and those Knights have to park somewhere
  • Machinery needs calculations
  • Bombards too fast to get, cannot produce them without machinery
  • Need more knowledge to handle gunpowder
  • No advanced science without printing
  • Coal is crucial for steel production
  • Computers require electronic parts which were developed along with i.e. radio
  • Ballistics is crucial for launching rockets
  • Satellites more need Ballistics than airports and planes
  • Must complete entire tree to proceed with Future Tech

There are many more. All are commented in the .xml file. The original Tree has only 89 dependencies. This also explains why beelining is so broken now. I changed the tree and there’s now 148 dependencies. All techs in one Era require similar number of prerequisite techs so no matter how you enter en Era – it always take similar number of techs to develop. You can beeline to 1 Era ahead, no more.

Civic Tree examples:
  • Drama and Poetry requires Mysticism
  • Mercenaries need Naval Tradition (pirates!)
  • Mercantilism and Exploration are connected
  • Cannot imagine The Enlightenment without Reformed Church...
  • or Cold War without Nuclear Program!
  • Professional Sports - it's Capitalism in pure form
  • Must complete entire tree to proceed to the last 2 civics
Due to many complaints, I commented out the change that removed free barbarians techs. If you liked easier barbarians you can uncomment it in Technologies.xml (it's clearly marked).

(Optional) Governments
0. It is disabled by default, so no changes to vanilla are done unless you want it.
1. Each Tier 1 gov is in a separate civic, forcing both the player and AI to make a choice about how to enter Classical Era in Civics Tree. This has been removed due to an issue with inability to slot a Diplo policy when going first for Classical Republic.
2. Monarchy is moved to the same column as other Tier 2 govs. Same as previously - more meaningful choices. Also, helps AI to go other paths, not Theocracy only.
2a. This is done purely for gameplay reasons, so please refrain from comments about historical accuracy.
3. You need to enable this option. Go to the file "RTT_Govs.sql" and change parameter RTT_OPTION_GOVS to '1'.

This mod is related to a discussion about science and researech pace in general.
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Very appreciated mod, brings out the ages better.
Pretty elegant way of slowing down science pace and beelining. I'd still slow down knights/gunpowder line even more though.
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