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Realism Invictus 3.2 (full version) 2016-10-05

Realism Invictus 3.2 (full version)

  1. Walter Hawkwood
    Realism: Invictus is the Beyond the Sword version of the Civilization 4 mod that was formerly known “Total Realism” when it was being developed for Warlords expansion pack of Civilization 4. Our mod has been with Civ since the earliest days; it was, back when it was called just “Realism”, among the first comprehensive modpacks seeking to rebalance the game.

    For many years now, the mod continues its life and its evolution. Although it had its highs and lows, it is still going strong today, and truly stands for what can be called a project of Civ 4 community (“Invictus” wound up being in our title for a reason!).

    This is the full installer for version 3.2 of the mod. This release is the result of two years spent refining the features of the 3.1 version and adding upon them.

    The main changes between Realism: Invictus 3.1 and 3.2 are as follows:

    Spoiler :
    Maps and scenarios
    • Added three new bundled random map scripts. While you may, as before, use any random map script you choose, these are balanced specifically for our mod and take special care when placing all the new features.
    • New scenario – Triassic Earth map. A what-if Earth map that places all civilizations on their approximate starting spots on continental plates in Triassic period, when all continents were joined into the original Pangaea supercontinent.
    • Old scenarios updated to incorporate 3.2 changes – new terrain features, new civs etc.

    New civilizations and leaders
    • Added a set of derivative civilizations: these unplayable civs will spawn when a major civ releases a colony. You will no longer release Celts as China or Zulus as Aztec! Preferred derivative civ can also change over time. All of them have one leader, one NU and NB, and no NI.
    • Added two new playable civilizations: Austronesia and Transoxiana, with full appropriate set of leaders, flavor units, GP splashes, NU, NB, NI, etc.
    • Added many leaders to existing civilizations. No civilization currently has less than 4, most have 5-6. Tweaked traits of new and existing leaders to cover most available trait combos.
    • Trait Organized split into Legislator and Administrator.
    • When choosing civics, AI is now very conscious of their advantages and drawbacks and how they suit particular leaders’ playstyle.

    Agricultural System and Terrain
    • Added a great deal of new agricultural terrain improvements to reflect the development of agriculture through history.
    • Your agricultural productivity now affected significantly by your technologies, civics and infrastructure. Take a time to read about it in the manual, the system is quite in-depth.
    • Citizens eat 3 food each. Don’t worry, the new system allows you to produce enough food in the long run.
    • Added new terrain features that will appear on most random maps and are used in scenarios: savannah, hot springs, fertile soils.
    • Added features to seas: reefs and small islands.
    • Fertile soil feature allows players to cultivate new instances of crop resources.

    Wonders, Buildings and Improvements
    • Added new World Wonders: Nazca Lines, Motherland Calls.
    • Added several new buildings with various uses, like trade posts and tailors.
    • All playable civilizations get unique National Improvements that allow them to capitalize on particular resources, use certain terrains in unconventional ways and other such stuff.
    • Buildings and Wonders can now modify outputs of other buildings, improvements and specialists, and this is put to a good use.
    • Desalinization plants can now provide fresh water to surrounding tiles.

    Military changes
    • Rebalanced recon units so they are now more suited to their main purpose (recon) and less suited for direct warfare.
    • Added several new classes of siege units: Napoleonic era artillery, mid-XIX century gun battery, WW1-era field and siege artillery, WW2-era self-propelled artillery.
    • Rebalanced and reworked siege units. They are also now better at their direct purpose, and some of them are also quite formidable on the battlefield. AI taught how to better use ranged bombardment.
    • Ranged bombardment now provides experience. Siege units can be promoted once again.
    • Added new and reworked many existing flavor units.
    • Very significantly reworked promotion tree.
    • Instead of one overcrowded malus, there is a whole new congestion system. Malus for too many units is now dependent on technology and on whether the stack is in the city or not.
    • Added one new and brought back several old doctrines.
    • Military unit costs increased across the board.
    • Significantly overhauled barbarians. XP gain from barbarians now capped, but there are special anti-barbarian promos that raise this cap.

    Other changes and additions
    • Merged K-Mod and most of its awesome changes.
    • Reworked most civics. Some were removed and new added in their place. Overall all civic lines are now much more logical and somewhat better balanced. New civics have new buildings/wonders associated with them.
    • Having vassals no longer brings extra happiness.
    • Many tweaks in prerequisite techs for smoother technology progression. Tech costs rebalanced across the board for slower techs in later eras.
    • All difficulty levels are rebalanced. AI no longer gets undocumented bonuses, and all bonuses associated with different difficulty levels are now accessible through pedia.
    • New art era progression system – each art era gives you +10% to your culture output. Also tied to new system where instead of “culture bomb”, Great Artists are able to create various Great Works – minor World Wonders with large culture outputs.
    • Tons of new GP splashes added (around 600 new and many of old reworked).
    • Two new flavors for Solar Cult: Mediterranean civs get Cult of Sol Invictus, African and Middle Eastern civs get Cult of Aten with all corresponding buildings, wonders and missionaries (changes are purely cosmetic, all the gameplay effects stay the same).
    • Many buildings that didn’t have those before get cultural flavor looks for less patchwork-looking cities. Some new citystyles added for more diversity.
    • Tons and tons of unit art files updated or replaced by better models. Unit scales adjusted to be more consistent. Most models and textures used are also less complex, leading to less system strain.
    • National and heroic epics are now civ-flavored, with appropriate button art.
    • Added new main menu background and music.
    • Added new music for several eras.
    • Added voiceovers for all techs that were missing them.

    Bugfixes and Technical Changes
    • 100% reworked new pedia interface that offers much more information on different gameplay aspects, with robust search and filtering features. Other screens also reworked with a lot of small tweaks providing interface hints for various RI aspects.
    • There should no longer be any leaders with bugged greetings messages.
    • Rebel slaves and serfs now increase in strength every era, as originally intended (a couple of era transitions were missing).
    • Fixed many typos and a lot of bad grammar in the text files.
    • Fixed most leftover bugs and incorrect references in BtS events and quests.
    • Fixed all overlapping keyboard shortcuts. All shortcuts now assigned to unique key combos.
    • Lots of code optimizations make the mod much quicker.

    You can learn more details about our mod in the release thread on CFC or from our manual. You can also visit our own forum or our CFC subforum if you have any questions or suggestions.


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