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Realism Invictus 3.5 hotfix 7

A hotfix zip file for 3.5 installers; works with both full and light

  1. Realism Invictus 3.5 hotfix 5

    Walter Hawkwood
    Hotfix 5:

    - Generic flags for the unlikely but possible event of vassalizing world map tribal civs
    - Fixed late Nubian flag
    - Revolutions and barb civs off by default, based on feedback; people can still turn them on in custom options; consequently, revolutions and barb civs off by default in all scenarios as well
    - Moved later irregulars to different techs to avoid situation where one would be unable to build any irregulars if a specific research path was taken (leading to being unable to draft, for instance)
    - Revised tech prerequisites a bit and moved the techs around on the tech screen

    Hotfix 4:

    - Included RI Europe map missing from the installer for some reason

    Hotfix 3:

    - Fixed multiplayer OOS on taking a city

    Hotfix 2:

    - Continents map script should now correctly place all resources, including water ones
    - Fixed a couple of units being invisible in the selection box

    Hotfix 1:

    - Solved a bug where barbarians could make peace with the whole world if a city revolted to them while no barbarian cities were around
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