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Realism Invictus 3.5 hotfix 7

A hotfix zip file for 3.5 installers; works with both full and light

  1. Realism Invictus 3.5 hotfix 7

    Walter Hawkwood
    - Obsolete/inactive culture buildings (monuments, pagan temples) should now correctly stop producing culture
    - Lubyanka option in dealing with separatism should now only be available if the wonder is active
    - Since the effect only seems to work in increments of 100%, upped the improvement growth from civics to 100%/200%
    - Added some more dynamic city names
    - Fixed a missing diplomacy text entry
    - Fixed some wrong strategy text entries
    - Moved market Regulation a bit to reflect it's an industrial tech
    - Fixed some random text typos/errors
    - Fixed missing textures for Fuste in pedia
    - Fixed materials for a couple of American flavour units
    - Corrected the scale of most hussar class units to be in line with other cavalry
    - Certain civs (Babylon, Israel etc) now correctly able to build settlers from the start, same as all others
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