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Realistic Research - Extreme V. 2.01

Eurekas and Inspirations are now vital to research.

  1. UncivilizedGuy
    The purpose of this mod is to make Eurekas and Inspirations more vital to your progress through the Tech and Civics trees.

    Techs and Civics are now 10 times more expensive. In other words, boosts are necessary for advancement.

    Eurekas and Inspirations now boost 95%. This gets you to the cost of where base game boosts get you.

    Made some changes to Eurekas and Inspirations for gameplay and for realism.


    Changes to Eurekas and Inspirations

    • The Wheel is now boosted by building a granary. (The idea is to connect Pottery to The Wheel)
    • Writing is now boosted by having Foreign Trade
    • Apprenticeship is boosted by having the Guilds civic
    • Stirrups is boosted by having 3 Horsemen
    • Machinery is boosted by having 2 Catapults
    • Military Engineering is boosted by having 3 Battering Rams
    • Castles is boosted by having Feudalism civic
    • Siege Tactics is boosted by having 3 Siege Towers (as it was you were forced to research Metal Casting first)
    • Cartography is boosted by discovering a second continent. (I found this boost to be a penalty at Foreign Trade)
    • Square Rigging is now boosted by building 2 Harbors
    • Banking is now boosted by building 3 Commercial Hubs
    • Metal Casting is now boosted by having 2 Knights
    • Military Science is now boosted by having 3 Encampments
    • Electricity is boosted by building 6 Industrial Zones
    • Advanced Ballistics is boosted by having 3 Artillery
    • Future Tech is boosted by building 3 Spaceports
    • Foreign Trade is now boosted when you meet another civilization
    • Colonialism is boosted by building 6 plantations
    • Suffrage is boosted by maintaining 10 trade routes
    • Ideology is boosted by building a Broadcast Center
    • Future Civic is boosted by building 6 world wonders

    China's trait Dynastic Cycle: Eurekas and Inspirations provide 96% of civics and technologies instead of 95%.

    This keeps China at their original balance.


    Feedback is appreciated. Let me know if I missed any other game mechanics related to boosts.

    This is NOT compatible with Immersive Eras yet.