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Really Advanced Setup Lite 2017-02-15

Really Advanced Setup Lite
(inspired by General Tso's Civ5 Really Advanced Set-up)​

  1. Allows specification of extra starting units, civics, techs, and certain of the 'yields'.
  2. Allows specification as to whether the extras are given to AI players or only to human players
  3. Allows specification as to whether the extras should be given only to "CIVILIZATION_ROME" for example.
  4. Allows specification as to what selected game starting era to apply the effects to.
    • so if you want to alter the game so that Rome would get two extra starting scouts if the game is started in the Medieval Era, you can do so.
  5. Specifications are made in an xml file rather than directly through a new "Advanced Start" user interface.
    • Detailed Instructions will be given on the main discussion thread

Just Download from here since I cannot get the CFC resource to update to the newest version: Dropbox

Mac Users
  • Some users have reported they cannot get the mod to work on Mac. Others have been able to. I do not have a Mac and know nothing about Macs so I cannot test the mod on a Mac
  • The lua methods being used are those that are exposed and usable in Windows because they have been set up to work by the windows game-dll-file. But Dll files are Windows-only, and there is no such thing on a Mac, so I have no idea whether the same methods and functions work in lua on a Mac.
  • You may also be experiencing file edit "permissions" issues as I seem to remember this being an issue in Civ5 for people with Macs. On this point I could be full of talking bananas because as mentioned I know nothing about Macs.
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Most useful tinker-toy. Must-have for people wanting a slight advantage at the start of a game.
Perfect for modding :)
Super easy and most useful for my needs.......thanks
This is grand! Cheers.
Excellent code. Very easy to use XML table. Really helpful. Thanks
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