Rebels 2016-10-05


  1. clanky4

    This mod adds a couple of different Rebellion units employed by the Rebel Alliance as late game units. Not a whole load of thought went into balancing these, any suggestions on that are welcome.

    Specifically a rebel soldier, commando, smuggler, steve blum, marksman, vanguard, bothan spy, AAC-1 Speeder Tank, Combat Speeder, X-wing, Y-wing, GR-75 transport, MC80 Mon Calamari star cruiser, CR90 blockade runner corvette.

    The rebel soldier, commando, and smuggler use the marine kfm. The vanguard uses the AntiTankInfantry kfm. The marksman uses the infantry kfm. The bothan spy uses a copy of the modern spy kfm included with it. The AAC-1 Speeder tank and combat speeder use the tank kfm. The X-wing uses the jet fighter kfm. The Y-wing uses the stealth bomber kfm. GR-75 transport uses the final frontier invasion ship kfm. The MC80 Mon Calamari star cruiser uses the final frontier battleship kfm. The CR90 blockade runner corvette uses the final frontier cruiser kfm.

    The models, as well as weapons, are all converted from Star Wars Battlefront 2.

    Some of the units hold their guns weird and the marksman/bothan have some issues with their shoulders.


    1. civ4screenshot0447_Sm3.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0448_8AU.jpg