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Redesigned Colors and Icons (RCI) v. 3.0

Updated Civ Colors for Clarity and Aesthetics

  1. dylansan
    This pack is designed to give Civ V's civilizations more variety to their color schemes, while increasing clarity and consistency. Some color combinations in the vanilla game are a bit lazy, like the monochrome Brazil, Spain, and Babylon. It better differentiates civs such as Portugal and Greece, who both share a white and blue combination.

    The pack also aims to fix some common complaints. Ethiopian units are now easily distinguished from barbarians. Austria and Poland have the correct colored birds, but have more unique reds.

    Because 43 civs is a lot, it's difficult to give every civ a completely unique combination without resorting to ugly palettes or non-historic colors. As a result, some civs are a bit similar, but hopefully are distinguishable enough. If you have trouble, try adjusting the brightness or contrast of your monitor.

    Spoiler :

    Version 3.0:
    v 3.0        02-07-2019
        Structural overhaul as DLC mod - RCI is now a much more compact and
        standalone component, which should reduce compatibility problems.
            - Last played civ has default icons instead of RCI's
                (when installed as a mod)
            - "More Luxuries" incompatibility: tile improvements can't be built on
                More Luxuries tiles (when installed as MPMPM DLC - this seemed to be
                true of all MPMPM packs, not just RCI)
            - Game crashes at Renaissance due to errors in Mongol data
                (when installed by overwriting assets)
    Place the RCI folder in the DLC folder of your main Civ V directory.

    Spoiler Deprecated versions :

    Version 2.0 (not recommended):
    Place the RCI folder in the DLC folder of your main Civ V directory.

    For Versions up to 1.3, the following is required:
    To install, place the assets folder in the main Civ V directory, merging with the assets folder already there. For safety, I recommend backing up the original assets folder beforehand, as uninstalling the mod is difficult otherwise.
    Change the following value in config.ini, found in the main Civ V directory:
    ; Set to 1 to have loose files override PAK files if the loose file is newer
    LooseFilesOverridePAK = 1

    This is required for the new icons to be used in the game.
    Ver. 1.1
    Changes to Shoshone, Russia, America, -- corrections to XML colors.
    Ver. 1.2
    Major changes to America, Inca, Rome, Spain, based on suggestions.
    Minor changes to Carthage, Indonesia, Venice, for more varied colors.
    Ver. 1.2 bugfix
    Fixed xml error with China's colors.
    Ver. 1.3
    Major changes to Iroquois, Polynesia, Ethiopia, Venice
    Minor changes to France, Siam, Denmark
    Ver. 1.3 bugfix
    Fixed error in Denmark's icons.
    Ver. 2.0
    Changes structure of pack--now only a single folder placed in DLC folder for easy installation/removal. Colors unchanged.
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Recent Reviews

  1. ryanmusante
    Version: 3.0
    dylansan is back!
  2. Nok 26
    Nok 26
    Version: 2.0 beta
    This is great, so many civs look better. My only complaints are Morrocco and Inca, which are too plain imo, but I don't even mind it when I have yellow and green Brazil and such beautiful colors.

    Also, to those who are struggling using this mod with the CBP and more luxuries, as said by another user, Grabbl:

    Using ver 2.0, just put the "Redesigned Colors and Icons..." Folder from RCI_V2-Beta/Mod/ in the MOD folder of the game instead of using it as modpack (as suggested by the author).
  3. Enrico Swagolo
    Enrico Swagolo
    Version: 1.3 Bugfix
    It's just great. I no longer have problems telling Barbarians apart from Ethiopia, Poland is white + red, all looks better.