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Reds Earth18 Exp Euro New Civs & Leaders 2016-10-05

This is basically the same map of my AIOW Earth and Earth18 (Ryhes & Fall Earth Map) the only changes are that I changed some of the Leaders, added two civs, removed Greece, Mali, and changed some leaders. These changes along with the exapnaded European lanscape should offer a new earth experience.

The Leaders are:

Ramesses II- Egypt
Gandi- India
Mao Zedong- China
Mehmed II- Ottoman
Bismark- Germany
Augustus Caesar- Rome
Shaka- Zulu
Churchill- England
Washington- USA
Cyrus- Persia
Kublai Khan- Mongols
Tokugawa- Japanese
Napoleon- French
Stalin- Russia
Saladin- Arabia
Isabella- Spain
Montezuma- Aztec
Huayna Capac- Inca

This will still need to be balanced Im sure after its been played online.
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