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Reduced Military Supply for Vox Populi v 2

Makes extensive changes to reduce supply cap throughout the game.

Changes - Customizable options by file:

- Base SupplyFromPopulation is lowered by 60% for all difficulties (from 10% to 4%)
- SupplyFromPopulation from common buildings lowered by 60%, from wonders (national&global) by 40%.
- Global Supply From Population from Wonders lowered by 40% (currently Red Fort only, 5% to 3%)
- Flat supply from Brandenburg lowered by 2 (10 to 8), from other wonders (that provided more than 3) lowered by 1.
- SupplyFromPopulation from Policies lowered by 40%

- Removed Barracks from Pioneers&Colonists, Conquistador keeps Barracks but loses Armory.

- Military units require 50% more production, strategic resources quantities are reduced accordingly.

- Buildings provide ~25% less Defense and ~50% less HP to Cities, doesn't affect Palace.

- Land units blockade undefended adjacent tiles

- Increased duration for military city-state unit gifts by 50%

- (Option: Lower the defense bonus from Citadels and Forts by 20% (to 80 and 40), and Jungles, Forests and relevant UIs by 5 (to 20) / disabled by default)

- Updates Formations table so that AI needs fewer units to form an army group.

NoFlatSupply.sql (whole file disabled by default):
Barrack line buildings and Lighthouses provide SupplyFromPopulation bonuses instead of flat +1, can be used to balance Tall vs. Wide. (uncomment rows 1 to 25 to use)
- (Option: Remove the free unit supply given by each city to further nerf Wide / disabled by default, uncomment to use)
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An excellent balance patch for VP. Makes unit supply much more relevant, and the games much more manageable.
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