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Release that Witch - Four Kingdoms 2021-08-28

Release that Witch

  1. Ardan Arianis
    Mod for the chinese franchise Release that Witch: four new civilizations, one for each major kingdom and their respective leaders, along with unique buildings and units. As always, I've found no errors or problems in my game, but if you find anything, please let me know so I can try to resolve it.

    Spoiler Kingdom of Dawn :
    Civilization: Kingdom of Dawn
    Leader: Appen Moya (Aggresive / Protective) and Horford Quinn (Creative / Financial)
    Unique Building: Plaza (replaces Market)
    Unique Unit: Royal Knight (replaces Knight)

    Spoiler Kingdom of Everwinter :
    Civilization: Kingdom of Everwinter
    Leader: Linna (Expansive / Industrious)
    Unique Building: Storehouse (replaces Granary)
    Unique Unit: Sharpshooter (replaces Longbowman)

    Spoiler Kingdom of Graycastle :
    Civilization: Kingdom of Graycastle
    Leader: Ayling Wimbledon (Organized / Protective) and Timothy Wimbledon (Charismatic / Financial)
    Unique Building: Alchemist Guild (replaces University)
    Unique Unit: Arquebusier (replaces Musketman)

    Spoiler Kingdom of Wolfheart :
    Civilization: Kingdom of Wolfheart
    Leader: The Wolf King (Industrious / Protective)
    Unique Building: Graystone Castle (replaces Castle)
    Unique Unit: Mountain Warrior (replaces Maceman)

    For most of the leaders I had to use images from other sources (manhuas/manwas) since there are no official images yet. Once they appear in the manhua, I'll update it. For the unit art, I used several sources:
    • Heavy Cavalry from the Charlemagne mod
    • Norman Axeman from here.
    • Warden from here.
    • Arquebusier from here.
    Spoiler New Civilizations :
    Kingdom of Dawn.JPG Kingdom of Everwinter.JPG Kingdom of Graycastle.JPG Kingdom of Wolfheart.JPG

    Spoiler New Leaders :
    Appen Moya.JPG Horford Quinn.JPG King Timothy Wimbledon.JPG King Wimbledon.JPG Linna.JPG The Wolf King.JPG