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Relive World Wars Relive World Wars v.22

WWI and WWII mod

  1. Allein
    I've made this mod somewhat like my older version that I've made on Civ V, Civ IV and Civ III.
    It took me a lot of time to make this mod. Me and my friend enjoy playing with this mod. Now I think it's time to share my work and let others enjoy it.

    ***DO NOT use any DLC***

    *Also available on Steam Workshop:

    The mod is a complete conversion:
    A new tech tree from 1850 to 1945 (see the picture below)
    A new civic tree (see the picture below)

    Civilization Trait: Ruhr Valley Industrialization
    Wilhelm II
    Agenda: Last German Emperor
    Leader Trait: Tirpitz Plan
    Adolf Hitler (JFD)
    Agenda: Lebensraum
    Leader Trait: Blitzkrieg

    United States
    Civilization Trait: Founding Fathers
    Teddy Roosevelt
    Agenda: Big Stick Policy
    Leader Trait: Roosevelt Corollary
    Woodrow Wilson
    Agenda: Fourtheen Point
    Leader Trait: Spirit of Neutrality
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (JFD)
    Agenda: Social Welfare
    Leader Trait: The New Deal

    United Kingdom
    Civilization Trait: Pax Britannica
    George V
    Agenda: British Dominion
    Leader Trait: Balfour Declaration
    Winston Churchill (JFD)
    Agenda: Never Surrender
    Leader Trait: Finest Hour

    Civilization Trait: Mother Russia
    Nikolai II (JFD)
    Agenda: Last Russian Tsar
    Leader Trait: Trans-Siberian Railway

    USSR (JFD)
    Civilization Trait: Communist Nationalism
    Joseph Stalin (JFD)
    Agenda: Soviet Dialectics
    Leader Trait: Ten Victories

    Civilization Trait: Meiji Restoration
    Taisho Tenno
    Agenda: Bushido
    Leader Trait: Divine Winds
    Hideki Tojo (JFD)
    Agenda: Greater Japan
    Leader Trait: Nippon Kaigun

    Civilization Trait: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
    Georges Clemanceau (JFD)
    Agenda: Total War
    Leader Trait: Father Victory
    Charles DeGaulle (JFD)
    Agenda: Politics of Grandeur
    Leader Trait: Free France

    Civilization Trait: All road lead to Rome
    Victor Emmanuel III
    Agenda: The Soldier King
    Leader Trait: Coin Collector
    Benito Mussolini (JFD)
    Agenda: March to the Ocean
    Leader Trait: Nothing against the State

    Civilization Trait: Spanish Colonialism
    Alfonso XIII
    Agenda: El Africano
    Leader Trait: Hotel Palace
    Francisco Franco
    Agenda: Revolution
    Leader Trait: Generalissimo of Spain

    Civilization Trait: Power of the People
    Yuan Shikai
    Agenda: Hongxian Emperor
    Leader Trait: Revival of the Monarchy

    Republic of China
    Civilization Trait: Chinese Integrity
    Chiang Kai-Shek
    Agenda: Democratic Unification
    Leader Trait: New Life Movement
    Mao Zedong
    Agenda: Anti-Imperialism
    Leader Trait: Long March

    Civilization Trait: Dissolution of the Sweden Union
    Haakon VII
    Agenda: Exiled King
    Leader Trait: Elected Monarch

    Civilization Trait: Amazon
    Pedro II
    Agenda: Patron of Art
    Leader Trait: Magnanimous
    Getulio Vargas (Leugi)
    Agenda: Washington Accords
    Leader Trait: Estado Novo

    Canada (JFD)
    Civilization Trait: A Mari Usque ad Mare
    MacKenzie King (JFD)
    Agenda: Arsenal War Effort
    Leader Trait: Volunteer Spirit

    Finland (Toussaint)
    Civilization Trait: Culture Boom
    Mannerheim (Toussaint)
    Agenda: On Guard
    Leader Trait: Defensive Tactics

    Republic of Poland
    Civilization Trait: Solidarity
    Jozef Pilsudski (JFD)
    Agenda: Prometheism
    Leader Trait: Miracle of the Vistula

    Civilization Trait: Dual Monarchy
    Franz Jozeph
    Agenda: July Crisis
    Leader Trait: Three Emperor League

    Ottoman Empire
    Civilization Trait: The eternal state
    Mehmed V (JFD)
    Agenda: Jihad against Entente power
    Leader Trait: Three Pashas

    New Districts:
    Coastal Development
    Coastal Defenses
    Prisoner Camp
    Ammunition District
    Sauna (Unique district for Finland)

    New Buildings: (*Building in new Districts)
    Water Treatment Plant
    Subway Station
    Medical Lab*
    Public School
    Marine Biology Laboratory
    Steel Mill
    Oil Refinery
    Hydro Plant
    Guard Tower*
    Guard Barracks*
    Prisoner Barracks*
    Prisoner Factory*
    Sniper Nest*
    MG Nest*
    Coastal Gun*
    ... and more unique building

    Some Generic Units Upgrades:
    Ranger --˃ Sniper
    Observation Balloon --˃ Helicopter
    Rifleman --˃ Great War Infantry --˃ Infantry
    Gatling gun --˃ Great War Machine Gun --˃ Machine Gun
    Great War Mortar --˃ Mortar
    Anti-tank Rifle --˃ Anti-Tank
    Anti-Tank Armor --˃ Anti-Tank Armor II
    Anti-Tank Gun --˃ Anti-Tank Gun II
    Canon --˃ Great War Artillery --˃ Artillery
    Self-Propelled Artillery --˃ Self-Propelled Artillery II
    Biplane Fighter --˃ Fighter --˃ Fighter II --˃ Jet Fighter
    Fighter-Bomber --˃ Fighter-Bomber II
    Biplane Bomber --˃ Bomber --˃ Bomber II --˃ Heavy Bomber
    Destroyer --˃ Destroyer II --˃ Destroyer III
    Submarine --˃ Submarine II --˃ Submarine III
    Protected Cruiser --˃ Light Cruiser --˃ Light Cruiser II
    Armored Cruiser --˃ Heavy Cruiser --˃ Heavy Cruiser II
    Ironclad --˃ Dreadnought --˃ Battleship --˃ X Battleship
    Seaplane Tender --˃ Carrier --˃ Carrier II

    New City-states some with new bonuses.
    Some new Policies
    Promotions that fits units

    Every Civ you play has a unique way to be played. Since not all civ has the same background history. For exemple, Germany, United States, USSR have many more units then Brazil and China. But they can still have some generic units with a bit less power to help them compete against powerful civilizations.

    I've been inspired by many civfanatics members and mods.

    ***Some more information to come***

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  1. CurtnoAnna
    Version: Relive World Wars v.5.1
    Awesome mod.