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Rema civ [MODULAR] 2016-10-05

Rema civ [MODULAR]

  1. Circuit
    Rema is a civ intended for mods with extended tech trees (after the Modern era) like Next War, Amra, Rise of Mankind (this was the intended mod; soon to come, the civ redone to be compatable).
    Civilization: Rema
    Spoiler :

    Leader: Shane Challoan (Aggressive, Organized)
    Spoiler :

    UU: C-19 (Modern Armor)
    Spoiler :

    UB: RCC (Factory)
    Spoiler :

    Feel free to comment. Give advise too (i would appreciate it). Enjoy:goodjob:.

    Link to thread HERE.

    P.S. C-19 based off of Leopard tank nif. Originally by Snafusmith, reskinned by me. Challoan skinned by me. RCC skinned by me.


    1. civ4screenshot0008_r7Z.jpg