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Republic of Rhodesia (v5) 2016-10-05

Republic of Rhodesia (v5)

  1. RawSasquatch
    Adds the Republic of Rhodesia under the rule of Ian Smith to the game.

    Unique Ability: Breadbasket of Africa
    +1 :c5food:Food and +1 :c5production:Production from Plantations. Upon discovering Radar, all Infantry units gain the Paradrop ability.

    Unique Unit 1: Royal Regiment
    Replaces the Rifleman. Unlike the Rifleman it replaces, it has the Survivalism I and Survivalism II promotions, granting it a bonus to defense and healing speed.

    Unique Unit 2: Selous Scout
    Replaces the Paratrooper. Faster than the standard paratrooper, (3 moves per turn, vs 2) gains a substantial combat bonus when attacking, and heals 25 HP when it kills an enemy unit. (Model by danrell)

    Bonus Unit: Vampire
    Replaces the Fighter. Has no difference in statistics, but has a unique model with an awesome camo scheme. Totally not stealing the idea from TPangolin's Canada, no sir, don't mind me. (Model by Wolfdog)

    Credits/Special Thanks:
    Lua: JFD
    Selous Scout model: danrell
    Vampire model: Wolfdog
    DOM Voiceover: CharlatanAlley
    Civ icon: TPangolin

    Musical Credits:
    Peace Theme: 'Similau', preformed by Bert Kaempfert.
    War Theme: 'Similau', preformed by Richard Hayman and his Orchestra.


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