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Republic of Texas v2 (BNW) 2016-10-05

Republic of Texas v2 (BNW)

  1. RawSasquatch
    Adds the Republic of Texas under the rule of Sam Houston to the game.

    Unique Ability: Come and Take it
    All Melee/Gun, Mounted, and Siege units receive a combat bonus when fighting near the capital. +2 :c5culture: Culture from Forts.

    Unique Unit: Ranger
    Replaces Cavalry. 50% of a defeated enemy unit's :c5strength: combat strength is converted into :c5culture: Culture. 100% of a defeated enemy units :c5strength: combat strength is converted into :c5goldenage: Golden Age points.

    Unique Building: Ranch
    Replaces the Stable. In addition to the normal benefits of the Stable, the Ranch provides +1 :c5food: Food from worked sources of Cattle and Sheep, as well as +1 :c5culture: Culture from worked Horses.

    Musical Credits:
    Peace Theme: "Overture/Main Title", from the soundtrack of The Alamo, by Dimitri Tiomkin.
    War Theme: "The Mexicans Arrive", from the soundtrack of The Alamo, by Dimitri Tiomkin.


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