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Return of the Shadow: The War of the Ring 2018-01-02

Return of the Shadow: The War of the Ring

  1. Lord Malbeth
    Many years ago, during the Second Age of Arda, Sauron, under the guise of Annatar, the Lord of Gifts, deceived the elves, and tricked them into helping him make the Rings of Power. At first they whole-heartedly received him, not knowing he was evil, but then Celebrimbor, their leader, discovered his dark secret after he [Sauron] forged the One Ring in the fires of Mt. Doom. Celebrimbor hid his rings and rebelled. Sauron attacked and laid waste to Celebrimbor and his people. During this time, darkness reigned. Many years later, the Dunedain of Middle-earth, and the Elves formed a Last Alliance and marched on Mordor. After a 7 year siege, they defeated Sauron and cut from his had the One Ring. With nothing left, his spirit fleed and his armies were leveled. But it wasn't a complete victory, for the One Ring was not entirely destroyed. It was lost for years...
    Until it was rediscovered...


    Download from Mega here


    1. argonath_im1.jpg
    2. fallofgap_aQd.jpg
    3. fallofos_wFI.jpg
    4. helm_s_deep_M29.jpg
    5. ranger_m1D.jpg
    6. thering_n0x.jpg
    7. witch_1OO.jpg

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