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Revolution for BtS 3.19 2016-10-05

Revolution for BtS 3.19

  1. Tholish
    Includes Revolution (jdog), AI Autoplay(jdog), Civ Changer (originally by Dale but now in RevDCM), from RevDCM 2.50, with none of the rest of it, with minor modifications so the DLL would compile. Everything else (Art, Python, XML, ini) is straight from Revolution 1.65. It seems to work.

    EDIT: It looks like it has Revolutions and doesn't crash. However, I've Autoplayed through several games and observed some things. First, the name is wrong so the ini isn't found. By simply changing the name of the mod folder to Revolutions that is solved, but it would be better as a modcomp if it were changed in the python files that look for the ini instead. Next, nothing generates new civs. Barbarians stay barbs and Revolutions never lead to breakaway nations--disorganized rebels only. Finally, even with CivChanger running, there's no button for it. So, I'll work on that.