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Revolution Inquisition 2016-10-05

Revolution Inquisition

  1. glider1
    This mod pack is a standalone combination of Revolution with the Inquisitor mod by bmarnz tuned to work with Revolution. It is a direct port from the RevolutionDCM Inquisitor code.

    Revolution 1.65c
    Revolution_Inquisition for RevolutionDCM 1.2

    Revolution Inquisitions 1.3 features:
    - limited religion option
    - option to control whether an inquistor can eliminate holy city status or not
    - option to have holy cities respawn within the state
    - options to control AI inquisition behaviour
    - New rules as to when inquisitors can be built. Must have a state religion, theology, and not running pacifism.
    - Inquisitor AI improved.
    - Religious victory is now a feasible option.

    All mods are controlled via Revolution/assets/xml/GlobalDefinesAlt.xml

    This mod has a forum for discussing it at:

    - Inquisitor AI still is somewhat crude about holy city inquisitions. It does not understand the implications of holy city respawning nor the loss of a holy city. AI is tailored for holy cities being purgeable but not eliminated or respawned.