Revolutionary War Scenario (v.10) 2016-10-05

Revolutionary War Scenario (v.10)

  1. FramedArchitect
    North America in Conflict
    It is 1776, and the American Colonies have declared their independence from Great Britain. Eastern North America has erupted in a bitter war as the nascent United States, the mighty British Empire, and the Iroquois Confederacy contend for land, power and wealth.

    Comments & Criticism

    Scenario Features
    * Play as the Iroquois Confederacy, the British Empire or the United States. Each civilization has new Unique Buildings, Unique Units and Traits.
    * Each playable civilization has a unique victory condition that reflects their historical ambitions.
    * Choose from three American leaders: George Washington, John Adams, or Thomas Jefferson. Each begins with special bonuses and abilities.
    * Random events, including reinforcements from European powers and loyalist defections, make each play-through different.
    * Playable civilizations have their own Policy Branch, with policies that add a new level of strategic planning to the game.
    * Ships can transport up to four units, adding a new tactical level to naval warfare.
    * New colonial-inspired buildings and specialists - including Statesmen, Fishermen, and Preachers - change the way cities grow and develop.
    * A large, accurate map of eastern North America captures the look and feel of the colonial era, and includes new resources like Tobacco, Rice and Corn.
    * Higher difficulty levels add significant challenges for the human player.
    * If you enjoy this mod, you may also like my Civil War Scenario.

    How to Load
    Activate Mod => Single Player => Custom Game => American Revolutionary War => Load Mod
    If you have trouble downloading or installing this mod (i.e. the mod does not display in your Mods list), see this guide.

    Requires Gods and Kings Expansion!
    Do not load this scenario with any mod that changes base game attributes. UI only mods, like IGE and InfoAddict, should function.

    MAC Users See this CivFanatics forum thread for help on enabling mods.

    v. 8 Changes Update for Victories; may play past end game show.
    War of Independence, American Revolution, 18th Century, Enlightenment


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