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RevolutionDCM for BTS 2016-10-05

RevolutionDCM for BTS

  1. glider1
    Current Version: 2.90
    Downloads to date: 15078

    Jdog5000, Glider1, phungus420, Afforess, Fuyu, Lemmy101(MP)

    To integrate high quality mods onto the back of the brilliant Revolutions mod that add strategic richness to BTS, compliment Revolutions and yet still make for a compact download size. At all times basic BTS game experience and stability is it's reference guiding development.

    Any combination of mods within RevolutionDCM are controllable in a user interface. Any mod can be turned on or off as desired within this interface. In this way, RevolutionDCM can be hypothetically reduced down to a base BTS 3.19 core running Better BTS and BUG. RevolutionDCM uses the Better BTS AI to incorporate these high quality mods:
    Revolutions (SDK, Python, XML)
    Dales Combat Mod (SDK, XML)
    Influence Driven War (SDK, XML)
    Revolution Inquisitions (SDK, XML)
    Super Spies (SDK, XML)
    BUGMod (SDK, Python, XML)
    WoC Mod (SDK, Python, XML)
    Better BTS AI (SDK, Python)
    Better Bug AI (BULL) (SDK, XML)
    RevolutionDCM is now capable of recognising and installing WoC modules, so long as they have been converted over to the RevolutionDCM schema and do not conflict with the mods already present in RevolutionDCM.


    Big thanks to:
    Jdog5000 and Dom Pedro II for Revolutions:

    Dale for DCM (uniquely ported to RevDCM):

    Moctezuma for IDW (uniquely ported to RevDCM):

    Solver, Dresdon and Jdog5000 for the BTS unofficial patch:

    Better BTS AI Team and Jdog5000:

    Bug Mod Team and EmperorFool (uniquely ported to RevDCM):

    Trojan Sheep for Super Spies (uniquely ported to RevDCM):

    WoC Mod Team (uniquely ported to RevDCM):

    Better Bug AI Team lead by Fuyu:

    These people are some seriously brilliant modders and thinkers.

    Also thanks for these important contributions as well:
    Lemmy101 for helping to develop and fix multiplayer.
    OS79 for helping test RevDCM 2.9 when everyone else is partying
    Init and Carwyn for helping to debug and test multiplayer.
    Johny Smith for his woc-lite concept
    Faichele for his help with the woc code
    Lord Tirian for super spies updates
    PieceOfMind for the Advanced Combat Mod!
    Smeagolheart for Examine City at Conquest mod
    OrionVeteran for some core algorithms in Revolutions Inquisitions
    Cephalo for the PerfectWorld map!
    Thomas SG for the "Positions of Scores" scrollbar and Trait's code
    Minor Annoyance for Global Warming Mod
    Kael for Barbarian World game option
    DaveMcW for Show Hidden Attitude Mod
    Afforess, Duuk for excellent beta testing
    Mamba for WoC contributions like java utilities and forum help
    ChrisAdams3997 for kick starting the final stage development on RevDCM 2.8
    LunarMongoose for unofficial patch fixes

    If I forgot anyone, sorry!

    Simply double click the installer to install

    WoC Modules:
    WoC module forum: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=320428

    The only change in the user interface from BUG is that all RevolutionDCM game options are accessed via
    The BUG user interface option control system. The user presses the standard key sequence that BUG uses
    CTRL-ALT-O to access this option control and navigates to the RevDCM tab, next to the General options
    tab. To see which options have been enabled as secondary feedback to the option screen itself,
    the user presses CTRL-SHIFT-Q which brings up the game configuration popup. WoC modules that do not
    conflict with the RevolutionDCM core mods, are dropped into the modules folder and removed when finished.
    Modular loading does not need to be enabled in the ini files and custom assets have been disabled by
    default so as not to conflict with woc installations (can be re-enabled in RevolutionDCM.ini)