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RevolutionMP 2016-10-05


  1. glider1
    Current Version: 0.30 for BTS 319

    Jdog5000, Glider1

    To make the Revolutions mod work perfectly in multiplayer. Once this is achieved, to then integrate this work with RevolutionDCM and make it work perfectly in multiplayer as well. The latter could well be achieved by integrating components into RevolutionMP until RevolutionMP is equivalent to RevolutionDCM. At every step, multiplayer support is the primary objective.


    Big thanks to:
    Jdog5000 and Dom Pedro II for Revolutions:

    Installation is simply a matter of dragging the RevolutionMP directory into the BTS Mods folder. If upgrading, it will be worth backing up your own custom ini files and advisor customizations beforehand, and then copying them across to the upgraded installation otherwise you will have to repeat all your customizations from scratch.

    All functionality is equivalent to standard BTS and the Revolutions interface.

    Latest Version:
    The most up to date version can always be found at Sourceforge:
    SVN (for absolute latest version)