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Revolutions (v.9) 2016-10-05

Revolutions (v.9)

  1. Gedemon
    The Revolutions mod add a stability value to each city, based on global happiness and your relation with each culture groups in that city.

    The Cultural Diffusion mod is required to calculate stability, and the Custom Advanced Setup Screen is required to reserve CS for revolutions. All mods are also available in the Revolution Modpack collection on Steam workshop.

    "Culture" in this mod is not the same "Culture" that allows the player to unlock social policies. The "culture" from the mod is spreading from cities (based on the city output from buildings/wonders) and "mark" the surrounding land, raising in value each turn if close enough from the city or other plots with higher culture value.

    Neighbors civs have their culture mixed on some plots, and during wars the conquered land is still marked by the culture of the previous civ (even if values can be lowered/converted to new culture when a city is conquered)

    Cities that are away from the Capital will create separatists. The allowed distance from capital raise with each new era and when the city is connected to the capital by road or harbor (but roads are better). Separatists create unrest faster than normal citizen.

    Unrest raise faster in conquered cities until a Courthouse is build, and raise slower in puppet cities.

    Revolt (city enter resistance), Rebellion (rebels unit spawning nearby) and Revolution (city flipping to rebel faction) can occurs if a city unrest is too high.

    Cities in Revolution can decide to join another Civilization after a few turns, or create a new City State (check the option in the setup screen)

    Spoiler :

    v.9 (July, 09 2013)
    - Bugfix: A city with a courthouse was still considered "occupied"
    - Optimization: use MapModData to share Culture Map with Cultural Diffusion (the mod now require v.17 of Cultural Diffusion)
    - Feature: Add a new option "Raging Rebels" to allow more Revolutions.
    - Balance: tweak the value and mechanism used for choosing a Civilization to join after a Revolution.
    - Balance: Rebels start with a large negative amount of influence from every civs.

    v.8 (May, 29 2013)
    - Feature: Rebel City-States get appropriate names (English language only)
    - Feature: Rebel CS can join another civilization that have a cultural influence on the CS plot after 10 turns, or the closest Civilization after 20 turns.
    - Option: If no civilization are influencing the rebel CS, then it can declare independence and create a new (neutral) City-State between turns 10 and 20.
    - Feature: change rebel unit type by era.

    v.7 (May, 23 2013)
    - Small change to MapModData sharing with Cultural Diffusion

    v.6 (May, 12 2013)
    - Change used slots for saveutils to be different from the slot used by Cultural diffusion (may speed up things in late game)
    - Update Culture Relation Data less often
    - Use MapModData for sharing data between context (ShareData doesn't work anymore ? note to self: check in R.E.D WWII)
    - Small update for compatibility with "Historical Spawn Dates" mod

    v.5 (Oct, 21 2012)
    - Level happiness for all difficulties from warlord to deity
    - AI use Prince difficulty level for hapiness
    - Separatist are converted from all culture group in a city, not only the owner culture group (prevent conquered cities to produce more foreign culture than your when separatist are produced)

    v.41 (Jun, 17 2012)
    - Add policies effect (Liberty, Tradition)

    v.4 (Jun, 17 2012)
    - Upload to Steam Workshop

    v.1-v.3 (Xxx xx, 2012)
    - Alpha version


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