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RFC Dawn of Knoedel 2016-10-05

RFC Dawn of Knoedel

  1. Imp. Knoedel
    A comprehensive rebalance project, this mod is based on Leoreth's Dawn of Civilization mod for Rhye's and Fall of Civilization, aiming to improve the overall experience.

    This mod requires you to have Dawn of Civilization version 1.13 installed.

    To install do the following:

    1. Duplicate your Dawn of Civilization folder, renaming one of them "RFC Dawn of Knoedel v0.2".
    2. Download and unzip "RFC Dawn of Knoedel v0.2" in your mod directory, letting it overwrite all conflicting files in the folder you just created.
    3. Have fun. :)

    Credits go to me, Leoreth and Rhye, roughly in that order, followed by the creators of Civilization 4, followed by the people who made the creation of Civilization 4 possible, followed by all other human beings who in some shape or form through their work led to the existence of this project.

    Go here for more information.