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RFC Equestria 2016-10-05

RFC Equestria

  1. clanky4

    Spoiler :

    This modmod of Rhye's and fall of Civilization adds Equestria as a full and largely playable civilization without removing of any of the other civilizations from the game.

    Spawn date: 1745
    Capital: Canterlot

    -Secure or get by trade 1 Hit Movie and 6 Horse resources by 1986AD
    -Get 5 civilizations to Friendly Attitude with your civilization by 2003AD
    -Build the Internet by 2010AD

    Power of Friendship
    +1 :food: in all land tiles

    Royal Guard
    Mobile Infantry

    Cloud Factory
    Increases :food: and to less extent :hammers:

    Celestia's Sun Flag

    Celestia, Luna, Discord

    Equestria can be played in both the 3000 BC and the 600 AD scenario. However, they spawn late so I've only thoroughly tested the 600 AD scenario.

    This is technically a standalone mod. To play: download the RAR file, and unzip it into your Beyond the Swords\Mods folder. Then start it by selecting "Play a Mod" from the main menu of BtS. Ignore the quickplay shortcut in the mod file, I forgot to delete it.

    V2 changes a few dynamic names, fixes a few spelling errors, adds a nif, and changes Equestria's first UHV to require 6 horses instead of 10.


    1. rfcequ1_gL9.png
    2. rfcequ2_H44.png
    3. rfcequ3_DI7.png
    4. rfcequ4_oCt.png
    5. civ4screenshot0714_h7i.jpg