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Rhye's and Fall RAND 2016-10-05

Rhye's and Fall RAND

  1. Rhye
    Latest version: 1.27

    Rhye's and Fall RAND is a project that tries to offer something halfway between RFC and standard Civ. All the great additions of RFC, such as stability, historical spawn dates, congresses, victory conditions and the UPs are in.

    • Extract the files contained in the zip in ...your Civ4 folder...\BTS\Mods\
    • Start Civilization, go to ADVANCED, then LOAD A MOD, select Rhye’s and Fall
    • After the mod loads, choose PLAY NOW!, Rhyes_Terra, and then you can set your
    WARNING: if you want to use CUSTOM GAME, please read carefully the “Custom Game” paragraph at the bottom of the readme.