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Rhye's Earth map for the Revolution mod 2016-10-05

Rhye's Earth map for the Revolution mod

  1. jdog5000
    Four copies of Rhye's Huge Earth map for use with the Revolution mod. All the credit for the terrain goes to Rhye, I just changed the initial civ setup, number of players, and made it work without custom terrain. These maps should also work for most mods which define 34 civs in the DLL.

    There are different maps, Rhye's Earth and RFC Earth with the main difference being that Europe is a little bigger in the second. For each map there are two setups:
    - One labeled clean which contains no predefined starting locations so civs will be placed randomly on Earth
    - The second starts with only China, India, Sumeria/Babylon, and Egypt on the map in their historical places, BarbarianCiv and Revolution will fill in the rest as time rolls on.

    Note that Revolution is not set up to mimic real history exactly, but instead provide the dynamic rise and fall of empires based on what happens in game.