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Rich Choices 1.0

More Tactics - Unique Traits Amplified

  1. Sutsuj
    Rich Choices V1

    Conversation thread at: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/rich-choices-v1.657559/

    Ever wanted Civ3's warfare to be more tactical? Ever wanted your Civ's traits to make a more meaningful difference? Then this might be the mod for you.

    Designed with a focus on multiplayer games, can be played on the custom map or a mapless version.

    Rule Change Highlights:

    7+ population cities receive a 500% defense bonus. Prepare to seige cities to starve them down to managable defense buffs; terrain suddenly matters more for combat! Also, can build the fort-builder unit for faster seigeworks fortifications and defenses.

    Earlier bombardment units get serious buffs. For instance, now defense 1 so that they cannot be captured.

    Terrain values slightly modified to amplify city placement considerations.

    Perhaps most importantly - more fleshed out Civ traits (see below).

    The custom map is designed for 4 players (and 2 AI) but can be played with 1-6 human players. It's designed to create extra tactical decisions. Fight over the more-valuable-than-in-vanilla-civ victory point locations on this strange continent with small lakes. As you move inwards to gain points, beware of attacks from the rear by other humans over the strange "teleportation" paths. For more replayability on the custom map, open the scenario file in the scenario editor and randomly redistribute natural resources and goody huts.

    The scenario isn't designed to be perfectly balanced (but hopefully its somewhat balanced). Choose what you think is best (or most fun) and have at it!

    Also, rate and give feedback!

    More Details on Civ Traits:

    The Banana Option (bonus food resources in abundance only for Agricultural civs)
    Can Irrigate Without Fresh Water

    Only civs that can build wealth, which now converts at 1 gold per shield rather than 1 per 4.
    Can build a treasury interest small wonder earning up to 50 gold per turn (but watch out for the 17 maintenance cost!).
    Better tax collector specialist.

    Only civs that can build Palace, but can build it in a single turn!
    Settlers replaced by Pioneer (24 shields, 2 pop, movement 2 defense 2)
    "Chop chop" unit to quickly cut down jungles and marsh
    Cheap courthouse building "Expansionist Law"
    "Sherrif" specialist to reduce 1 corruption

    Workshop for +25% production
    "Hustle and Bustle" small wonder to produce a "flurry of activity" every 20 turns which can be disbanded to reap 200 shields.

    Small wonder allowing healing in enemy territory - especially useful for the seiges
    "Militaristic Spirit" small wonder reducing war weariness and doubling combat against barbarians
    Can draft, and conscript units get 3 hp

    "Place of Worship" building with a hodge-podge of benefits: Air trade, 4 culture per turn, 2 happy citizens, reduced war weariness, reduced corruption

    Super cheap "conversations at the gate" building for +50% research

    "Ocean Worker" unit to irrigate and mine coast and sea (enemy ships can pillage)
    Boat builder building to produce "boat supplies" every 18 turns - can be upgraded for free to latest boat (up to ironclad, I think)
    "Pearl Divers" building after harbors that increases production on water


    There are a few other minor changes, but no huge surprises. For example:

    Caravels upgrade to frigates, not galleons
    Dromons upgrade to frigates, not caravels
    Rome's legionary unit still upgrades to medieval infantry, but they get a _second_ legionary unit (indentical except no golden age) which replace pikemen
    Gallic swordsman upgrades to knight
    Frigate/Man-O-War upgrade to ironclad
    An invisible Military Scout Unit (cannot pillage or fight, so no worries there)
    A super cheap outpost builder unit so you might actually consider building outposts
    And (not much) more.