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RifE patch 2016-10-05

RifE patch

  1. snarko
    The long awaited 1.41 patch is here.


    Many changes have been lost in memory, the work for this patch was started many months ago and no real log was kept at the time (at least not by me). So there are likely changes not listed here.

    Major fixes:

    *Fixed subdue animal.
    *Fixed first strikes being overvalued when choosing which unit should defend a plot.
    *Fixed missing art for some muris clan units.
    *Fixed auto-explore units for the human grouping up with other units.

    *Rewrote how unit power works. This is mainly an AI fix as the old power values were sometimes completely off the charts, making the AI think it was far more powerful than it was. The new system is far from perfect. There's a lot to do to make this work properly for the AI, such as going through all 1159 promotions and setting a power value for the ones that need it. Still, promotions giving power was broken in the old method as well, so this isn't really any worse than before.

    *Stopped some goblins from promoting to archers and made them more aggressive overall. This should reduce the number of games where there are lots of barbs that just wander around aimlessly. They spawned too many defensive units that never attacked anyone, preventing other barbs from spawning.

    *D'tesh are now properly flagged as playable for human but unplayable for AI.
    *Switching to Infernals and Mercurians should now work.

    *Speed improvement: rewrote how unit upgrades work and how the AI pick upgrades. (There's no difference to the human player.)

    *Speed improvement: rewrote how the AI decide which route to build. To prevent railroads from causing issues they have been moved to steampower (which most civs can't research) but they will function the same as roads until engineering is discovered.

    *Fixed a bug with tech discounts causing improvements to take too long to build even with the techs for making them faster.

    Misc fixes:

    *Added era and tech requirements for goody results, to prevent the most OP/dangerous ones from occuring very early. It's still very dangerous and rewarding to explore lairs. Just no str 18 barbs spawning on turn 10, or a GP that early.

    *Fixes various TXT_KEY's missing, including all unit descriptions. (not to be confused with pedia info, there's likely several TXT_KEY's missing there.)
    *Fixed double event texts.
    *Fixed event text for emergent leaders saying a trait was gained when it was declined.
    *Fixed summoned frostlings dying on glacial plots.

    *Reduced the strength of skeleton archers. The AI was having a lot of problems with barrows due to being unable to defeat their guardians.
    *Reduced the strength and speed of highwaymen. They spawn in groups of three, could show up from the fog and pillage an improvement inside your territory on the same turn and were so strong they were wiping out AIs.

    Install instructions:
    This patch requires RifE 1.4.
    Extract the exe file, then run it, it should find the correct directory on it's own.