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Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire patch 1.2-1.323 2016-10-05

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire patch 1.2-1.323

  1. blitzkrieg80
    Visit the thread at Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

    rough accout of changes made between 1.26-1.3:
    -Syria has been weakened
    1. Seleucid Hoplites cost 70 (I believe Primordial Stew said this worked- Syria still built them?)
    2. Mercatus and Templum removed from all cities
    3. Border cities which should eventually be conquered by AI get no unit spawning buildings (except Iconium which can recruit Galatium)
    -Fixed Macedonian Phalanx to cost 60 in 275BC Easy
    -Subsidium Socius wonder now expires earlier (2nd Punic War pt.2) but spawns per 2 turns (Hard and Easy) and causes 1 unhappiness in all cities
    -Legio Imperatoria icon fixed to normal for 275BC scenarios
    -Cohortes Imperatorae Defense lowered to 5, Health raised to 13, Airlift ability added, Load removed
    -Fixed "Civizenship" typo for Census in civilopedia
    -Fixed Civitas civilopedia entry so it does not state it enables Academia
    -Fixed Galatian unit civilopedia entry so it clearly states that Rome cannot gain the unique unit but may aquire cities
    -Schola Philosophia changed so that it is available only after Philosopher on the Throne Tech and Cost lowered to 3 to make it more widely used and thus more costly
    -Fixed Limes Danuvii wonder so it cannot be built in Hippo Regius by making it require Wheat and Foederatii which is only available in Dacia/Moesia
    -Pontus, Egypt, Pirates, and Armenia lose starting Mercatus and Templum in 275BC start, so they do not have so many units built up for SODs when Rome finally makes contact. Some areas lose unrealistic unit spawning, for example: Pontic Crimean Pennisula cannot spawn Armenian units, or Egyptian cities on the Mediterranean Coast cannot spawn Desert Archers
    -100BC fiddled with so Italian Allies do not have buildings they should not have and matches 275BC start, Older cultured civs start with embassies
    -Some synchronization with the 325AD scenario, such as Celts/Foederatii/Greek Goods resources accurately placed, Savaria renamed Poetovio and Colonia Agrippina being moved so it can have Foederati, and Limes built in appropriate cities...
    -Castata to spawn Servus 1/30 turns
    -new Praesidium graphics (Gaius' Triarii)
    -improved catapults stats so they are more effective at sieges than ballistae
    -fixed Civilopedia bad links/missing entries

    Changes in 1.320

    -Italici Socii rebel units in 100BC enslave themselves for added challenge
    -Teutons, Cimbri, Helveti, and Praedator Picti enslave themselves for added challenge/flavor.. No more non-HN problems.
    -Castata spawn reduced (1/30 to 1/50)
    -Civilized offensive units now enslave Servus unless already something else
    -Praedator Picti now able to ignore movement cost in Ancient Forests.
    -Servus do not require the slave resource.
    -Corsica, Sardinia, and Palma should not have Latifundia or Catasta in the 100BC Biq.
    -Numidia is renamed to Vandalusia(Vandals) for 100BC and 325AD scenarios and use a European looking leader-Geiseric. Also added Seafaring, Elephant warfare, Navigation, Naval warfare to 100BC Vandals.
    -The Vandals (Numidians), Goths, Persians, and Britannia are all made to be more aggressive, hopefully, with civ slider, and Animus Barbari units in late scenarios. added some Animus Barbarorum in Iberia, Pontus and less so in Gaul for 100BC
    -The Cataphractus unit is able to clear pollution.
    -Stratiotes, Auxilia Palatina and Cataphracts now enslave Foederatus
    -The Peltastae Samnitici, Servus Seditiosus and all other special units do not have the "disband" box checked, nor do free support AI units.
    -The tile under Byzantium is now a "great river."
    -0 shield cost for the Pompei Imperium land-unit wonder and it creates 1 more unhappy faces. 1 cost for Extraordinare Pompei ship-unit wonder. Civilopedia updated.
    -Crisis of the Third Century makes one more person unhappy, and the Opus Imp Soldati makes one more person happy. Civilopedia updated.
    -0 cost for Subsidium Socius and Civilopedia reflects unhappiness cost.
    -The Copiae Attlia and Boudica units should not be "foot" units and this is also applied to special units.
    -The Persian Sag unit has the artillery box checked additionally.
    -The Numidians and Scythians are able to build Navis Vellifer.
    -Roads were added beneith AI cities to ensure special unit wonders are built- locations thus changed to grassland on German coast, but surrounded by Ancient Forest and defended with Praesidium Parthicum
    -Attila's spawn in Scythia, Goth, Pict, & Vandal spawn have Praesidium Parthicum added to ensure survival/use
    -Illyrian tribe Daors renamed to to Ardiaei, also Byzantium is without tribe name and Trimontium is now Odrysae
    -Durocortrum renamed to Durocortorum
    -Praesidium Parthicum defense changed from 12 to 20.
    -Praesidium Parthicum unit added to Sarmius, along with a road to network to prevent HN unit from being built there.
    -Stats on late cavalry improved: increasing Eques Legio to Att 14, and Cataphracts to 16 Att, Comitatensis horse unit 12->14, Eques Alarus Germanicus 10->12 (+1HP), Clibinarius 12->14
    -NON HORSE UNIT Miles Alarius Germanicus (+1HP)
    -Faber sassanid no longer has escort tag or terraform strategy. Bombard & artillery checked, ROF 2, Range 1, Foot unit ability removed.
    -Roxolani unit changed to be very similar to kamikaze unit in Pacific Conquests scenario- land unit as cruise missle unit action, with all terrain as roads, bombard, cruise missle special ability and ai strat., bombard range 4 ROF 3, bombard fx removed, air mission bombing removed, ignore move cost on all land except tundra desert mountains
    -Vercingetorix has escort and king ability removed.
    -Hoplite Alarius graphics changed to match icon- vanilla hoplite/phalanx
    -Gaius' new Equites graphics used to replace Auxilia Palatina duplicated Marian legion graphic
    -Maximus non-king unit (there's still a easter egg unit) changed to Heros Belli: 10 attack, 3 def, 2 bonus hp, 1 move. Battle created unit for 325AD scenario- but NO UNIT created for other scenarios, but unit still available if desired, just edit the BATTLE CREATED UNIT setting under Rules and General Settings
    -removed bombard def. on Castra so buildable in all cities and colleral dmg ability removed from barbarians (except certain special units) and UPDATED CIVILOPEDIA
    -Cisalpine Gaul has capital moved to Aquileia for 275BC
    -Raetia and Pannonia combined to make Transalpinii civ for 275BC scenario
    -Hannibal civ (Poeni Cisalpina- Barcids/Barcid-noun/adj) with 1 city- capital at Mediolanum with Hannibal Dux wonder, no sea tech- for 275BC
    -Armenian/Pontus Alliance replaced with Carthage alliance (Poeni Cisalpina/Carthago) for 275BC scenario
    -Preasidium Parthicum replacing Animus Barbarorum renamed so non-Parthi at various barbarian special unit spawns- ATT decreased to 99
    -Animus barbarorum DEF reduced to 1, HP reduced to 5 and UPDATED civilopedia
    -Egypt has been weakened- Pyramid minores spawn changed from every 20 turns to 30 on HARD and every 25 turn to 40 on EASY, Antony&Cleopatra wonder spawn changed from 5 to every 7 turns on HARD and 7 to 10 on EASY- and UPDATED civilopedia
    -added easter egg username units
    -changed default Barbarian civ unit to Praedator (Tribus Germanicus seemed very odd in Africa during BC) and buildable by barbarians
    -changed Maure building spawn rate from every 21 turns to 31 for EASY scenario
    -changed Eques Praedator (the one available to barbarians and Numidia) to Hidden Nationality, removed blitz ability
    -changed Cisalpina castra Hannibal foot unit spawn building from every 2 to 3 turns on HARD, 3 to 6 on EASY
    -changed Cisalpina castra Hannibal horse unit spawn bldg changed from every 3 to 6 turns on HARD, 4 to 10 on EASY
    -changed Capua Delicae bldg to spawn Miles Socius Hannibal defense unit from every 4 to 5 turns on EASY
    {and Civilopedia updated for those

    Changes in 1.321:

    -Tech order now should match the arrows on the Tech Tree
    -new late Tech order: Fall of Rome -> Justinian -> Armored Calvary -> Heraclius' Reforms -> Greek Fire... (no change in Intelligence)
    -Alpes Cottiae removed from 325AD and replaced with Mountain Guard and Limes
    -forgotten units_32.pcx included which makes it so Gaius' new Equites is in the game as the Auxilia Palatina
    -Greek Fire and Heraclius' Reform Techs have 900 cost (some were 1000/ some were 900) to match other late techs and standardize

    Changes in 1.322:

    -Civilopedia corrected for Germanicus Alarius units, only having 1hp bonus
    -Hannibal reverted back to regular (no longer a Hidden Nationality)
    -Hannibal and Hasdrubal enslave Eques Celticus Alarius instead of Eques to match wonders which spawn similar units... civilopedia updated
    -early non-Punic units removed from Mediolanum- seemed too weird since not buildable by Puni later anyways...1 Magna unit removed from defense, 2 Animus Barbari added instead to stimulate agression/thoughts aka calc. of having a better position than there is
    -Hannibal wonder loses Hostile Monarchy govt requirement to ensure it is working and loses culture giving effects which are not nec. because of capital
    -currus removed from Gallia Cisalpina since they cant build later, so it doesn't match
    -increased Helveti unit health, reduced defense
    -Tech Tree finally perfected for real, Praetor and Cisalpine Wars traded places because of space, but makes sense anyways, like "clear slavery" required before slavery, Punic wars moved ever so slightly for aesthetics
    -Subsidium Socius wonder lasts for 1 extra tech which equals about 6 more Miles Socius, just in case the player needs to catch-up/needs them to kill Hannibal... this way the player isn't perpetually behind, because their dead army is supplemented

    Changes in 1.323:
    -the Macedonian Wars TECH does not require the Slavery TECH as there is no arrow graphic pointing on the Science advisor timeline
    -Hannibal Dux and Hasdrubal Dux both expire with 225BC in civilopedia.
    -corrected Civilopedia for Castata 1/30 to 1/50
    -HN Eques Praedator movement changed to 2, Eques Praedator is buildable after 325-375AD, changed cost to 10, no pop. cost, uncheck req. support
    -reduced Incursio Maure spawn rate for Eques Praedator to 1/35 instead of 1/21, (1/50 on easy, instead of 1/31)
    -added "upgrade" ability to all Roman ships
    -Imperium Pompeianus unit-spawn wonder changed to 1 unhappy face in all cities, but 2 in CITY its built
    -changed Dictator civilopedia description to not require Imperium Pompeianus
    -changed Subsidium Socius to make 1 unhappy face in all cities, but 2 in the CITY its built
    -change hoplite bldg spawn to 1/12 instead of 1/18
    -added Slave resource near Maure cities so the AI doesn't give up in negotiation
    -reduced enslavement for skirmisher units and Roman Aux. foot units
    -Roxolani made normal foot unit with 3 movement and 99ATT, but 1 DEF, 3 HP
    -Syria very weak in military strength at 275BC.
    -re-added "foot unit" ability but made 100 pop. so they can't be loaded into ships for some special units- adjusted resources needed for building special units to inspire certain aggression