Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

  1. pinktilapia

    Version: 1.323
    Released: 09-02-05 (v1.323: 21-05-07)
    Requirements: Civilization 3: Conquests updated to 1.22, and over 400 MB free disk space

    It is the year 275BC, nearly 500 years have passed since Rome was founded by Romulus on the Palatine hill. Over the centuries, Rome has grown and your people have become the dominant power in Italy, defeating the Etruscans in the north, and the Greeks in the south. After nearly a decade of conflict with Tarentum, the last Greek stronghold, your forces are deployed near Beneventum, for once more you will meet Pyrrhus on the battlefield. Surely, one more defeat for the King of Epirus would bring all southern Italy finally under your authority. You would be then left to face the great naval power of Carthage. The momentum towards war with the Phoenicians seems inevitable.

    The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (RFRE) is a total conversion for Civilization 3 Conquests. The game trusts you with Rome, in 275 BC, at the eve of its glorious conquests of the Mediterranean world. Using the Civilization 3 engine like it has never been done before, the game puts you directly under pressure as timed events slowly work against you and your empire. You will face glorious protagonists like Hannibal, Mithridatus, or Attila and important events such as civil war, imperial glory, internal crisis and barbarian invasions.

    The Senate has vested you with the power of Consul, trusting that you can lead the Republic to an even greater fortune. Once having defeated Pyrrhus, you will be plunged in the Punic Wars. These times are critical, and you will have to prove your valour against Carthage’s mercenaries, ships, and most of all, Hannibal. With the help of Scipio Africanus and the reliance of the legions, Rome should triumph, but the Punic Wars will be the first great challenge of any player. Peace shouldn’t settle though, and Rome will soon be looking east, where the divided nations left by the successors of Alexander the Great are incessantly waging war against each other. It will be your duty to restore peace in the shattered yet wealthy Greek and Asian territories.

    Alas, the people of Italy have been left neglected, and with only the people of Rome having right to citizenship, you will meet your first civil war. By the same time, surely the pesky Samnites will once more come down their mountains, while a serious threat will arise in the East, where Mithridates will gather a great army and invade Asia. You should once more defeat all odds, grant citizenship to the Italians and crush Pontus and the remaining power at your eastern borders.

    By the 1st century BC, the times of the Republic are slowly coming to an end. After Sulla and Pompey, another great leader has emerged: Julius Caesar will be your strongest asset to finally defeat the dreaded Gauls north and west of the Alps. The Gallic War will not be simple, but it will be quick. Shortly after, the first triumvirate will come to end, and Caesar named dictator for life. His assassination and yet another civil war will not change the fact that the Republic, as known for nearly five centuries, is now defunct.

    The first 200 years of the Empire will be days of glory and you should meet your peak under the Antonines Emperors. Great names such a Trajan and Marcus Aurelius will be heard through your vast territories. The whole Mediterranean world will be yours and you should even be able to dispute Mesopotamia with the Parthians. Yet, the cold north remains out of reach. With the rise of Commodus, and the trouble following his parochial reign, Rome’s rise will come to an end. The crisis of the 3rd century will be both an internal and external one. While your economy and stability will break down, the first serious barbarian invasions will also take place. Yet, you surely should survive the crisis for Rome is still strong, and the Empire will go forth with other grand names such as Diocletian, Constantine or Theodose.

    But even for the strongest, an end must come and by the 5th century AC, swarms of invaders and a disastrous internal situation will cause an acceleration in the decline. The Empire will be divided into West and East. It is unlikely the city of Rome will be able to maintain its far ranging possessions and Germanic tribes will soon overrun Gaul and the Danube. Rome eventually might even fall. In the East, where riches are still amassed and corruption kept at bay, you might have a chance to save the Empire. Great leaders such as Justinian, Belisarus, and Heraclius are still to come. Will you be able to bring Constantinople into the dark ages as a great power, or will Roman history end in rust and blood before the name of Mahomet even awakes the great deserts of Arabia?

    Current Version:

    The modpack is finally to be considered as complete after an huge number of patches and long testing. Such an undertaking would not have been possible without the commitment and motivation of the CFC community and more specifically of those listed in the credits below. What we have now is a fully playable version with all desired features implemented, which are bug-free (besides unresolvable Civ bugs). Although it is no longer a work-in-progress, do report problems, features not working as they should be, game-balance issues, or just comments on the thread. Another art update is not out of question in the future.


    Currently available (within the main download):

    - RFRE Campaign, Great Campaign, starting 275BC (easy settings)
    - RFRE Campaign, Great Campaign, starting 275BC (hard settings)
    - RFRE Campaign, The Fall of the Republic, starting 100BC (by blitzkrieg80)
    - RFRE Campaign, Fall of the Empire, starting 325AD (by Captain Beaver)

    All other scenarii included are remains of old versions of the mod - you should not use them - you can safely delete these!

    Guidebook and Tutorials

    A guidebook for the mod was attempted (but never completed), you can consult it there.
    A few "tutorials", games played and commented by experienced players, are also available; a great read for those with difficulties early in game:
    - Stazro's Roma Victrix , nicely illustrated
    - Christophoros' Vae Victis
    - mscaevola's complete campaign in just two posts

    Installation instructions:

    1. Ensure you have Civilization 3 and its extension Conquests installed and patched to its latest version (v1.22);
    2. Download RFRE's self-extracting archive and updates using the links below;
    3. Open the installer and unzip the Modpack in ...\Civilization3\Conquests\Scenarios;
    4. Unzip the updates sequentially (1.20 first, then 1.323) in the same folder, accepting overwritting;
    5. Play the game, and have fun!


    Modpack (beta version) removed after 2,401 downloads
    Download v1.0 162MB
    Update to version 1.20 77MB
    Update version 1.20 to version 1.323 8MB RE-RELEASE of 1.320-1.322 - minor fixes

    Note: To extract the update and patches (.rar/.zip format), you will need Win-Rar or 7-Zip. Both are free!

    For those having non-English Civilization 3:

    To have the mod working on your regional version, visit these threads:
    German Civ
    French Civ
    Spanish Civ

    And for those of you who have a Mac, visit Blue Monkey's thread on Mac Mod Installation Solutions


    Original idea and Design: pinktilapia
    Lead Patcher (1.23 onward): blitzkrieg80
    Leaderhead Graphics: VisualParadox, R8XFT, Piernik, gael
    Unit Graphics: VisualParadox, Kinboat, BeBro, Aaglo, embryodead, Dom Pedro II, utahjazz7, Jobiwan7 (multiunits), Orthanc, zulu9812, R8XFT, and Gaias
    City Graphics : LBPB, Red Alert
    Terrain Graphics: Sn00py
    Misc. Art: VisualParadox, pinktilapia, embryodead, frenchman, Pounder, Traianus, the Monarch
    Logo design: LionQ
    Alpha-testing: King Coltrane
    Beta-testing: IXIRandyIXI, King Coltrane, Blitzkrieg80, gringoesteban, mungman, Ciceronian, Jobiwan7, loki1232, Asclepius, Gunner, Gaias, Captain Beaver, Traianus
    Original map: Thamis
    Latin translations: onedreamer, Ciceronian, Metacomet, Aion, pinktilapia
    English edition: Asclepius, Gringoesteban, Nick Ashton, Keroro
    Civilopedia: adapted or abridged by pinktilapia from Wikipedia
    Hosting: Thunderfall, CFC, 3DDownloads, and now Atomic Gamer

    Acknowledgments to all who have contributed to the mod, by their ideas or their talent, especially the CFC community and the CFC Forums. If you have been forgotten in the credit list (and it is likely many are, sorry for that), mail me, you will be added ASAP.


    Germanic invasion, during the crisis of the 3rd century (courtesy Gaias)

    Everything is lost for the Phoenicians (courtesy Gunner)

    Carthage has fallen, Rome is going east (courtesy Gunner)

    The great invasions have started: hunnic and germanic tribes are flooding the limes (courtesy Gringoesteban)