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Rise of Darkness 22 Patch K 2016-10-05

Rise of Darkness 22 Patch K

  1. cyther
    This is the current patch of the Rise of Darkness Modmod from FfH.

    A small note:
    Do not Download this file if you have not already downloaded and installed the base Rise of Darkness v.22.

    It causes the following changes to the game:
    Patch K
    1. Finally Fixes Furious icon
    2. Updates to FfH patch g
    3. Forts can't board ships
    4. New Unit: Floating Castle 5/15 :strength: 3:move: Can be built by workboats natlimit: 4
    5. Removed spell delay on arm fort spells
    6. Fixed bCasterNoDuration thanks, Ahwaric