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Rise of Mankind 2.91patch 2016-10-05

This patch updates Rise of Mankind v2.9 to v2.91. The patch fixes several small issues found from v2.9 and makes some tweaks to mod settings:

Spoiler :
Version 2.91

- Updated: Updated to current BUG SVN (some bug fixes)

Random events
- Fixed: Independent fishers event checks for coast plots in the city
- Fixed: National anthem text entry
- Fixed: Warship quest applies the reward to Port, Commercial Port and International Port (ie. the reward carries over to upgrade buildings)
- Fixed: Harbormaster quest applies the reward to Port, Commercial Port and International Port (ie. the reward carries over to upgrade buildings)
- Fixed: The Huns requires Mounted Archery (spawns Horse Archers), now more historically accurate appearance
- Changed: Malaccan pirates event spawns Torpedoboats instead of Transports (transports only defensive) and they get more promotions
- Changed: Vandals event spawns Light Swordsman instead of Swordsman (iron working req.)

- Fixed: UN Mission advisor CTD problem
- Fixed: no GP icon for unit 25 warning message should no longer appear -> removed Great General II from Warlords module (other way would have been to add new defines for this unit to BUG's but since this is module it would cause errors if user removes this module and python still refers to it...

National Wonders
- Changed: World bank gold reserve bonus per turn 2% -> 1% (how to change this national wonder to affect other players as well?)

- Changed: Slave market position in tech tree screen - now in Slavery tech. reqs still the same.
- Changed: Lighthouse gives +1 gold from sea plots instead of food
- Changed: Fisherman's hut gives +1 food from sea plots, no longer give food bonuses from seafood resources

Tech tree
- Changed: RoM 2.81 tech tree screen coloring is on by default (new option in RoM settings page in BUG options)

- Changed: Siege quinquereme str 6 -> 5
- Changed: Modern Grenadier has now attack bonus against Flamethrower
- Changed: Light tank has bonus vs. Mounted instead of wheeled
- Changed: Heavy Tank has bonus vs. Tracked instead of wheeled (Armor is still better)
- Changed: Machinegun no longer upgrade to Armored Car

- Fixed: Aerodynamics quote sound disabled since this tech is no longer named Advanced Flight thus generic sounds should be used instead
- Changed: Machinery AIWeight 0->100

Mod settings
- Disabled: BUG mod's tech tree era shadows off by default
- Added: RoM tech tree era color method to RoM Settings page. On by default. Works with BUG's shadow option but I wouldn't recommend using both methods at the same time
- Changed: BUG mod's logging (to screen) set from warnings to errors by default (less annoying messages on screen)

- Changed: City screen shows now resources in single display (thanks Afforess)
- Changed: Defense modifier always displayed in city screen
- Fixed: Strategy overlay feature

- Changed: Church state religion building prod. modifier 25% -> 10%
- Changed: State Church state religion building prod. modifier 20% -> 15%
- Changed: Free Church state religion building prod. modifier 25% -> 20%

- Fixed: Alpha channel for 70 or so buttons (thanks to Afforess)

- Fixed: Arcology oversize bug

Game options
- Changed: Permanent alliances option hidden because option currently bugged and should not be used. Will be fixed later.

- Added: 12 Earth maps (Small and Tiny) with different settings made by ComradeKristov

Unzip the patch to ...\Beyond the sword\Mods\ -folder and overwrite files if asked to.
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