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Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn 2016-10-05

Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn

  1. 45°38'N-13°47'E
    Civilization 4; Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn picks up where the Rise of Mankind mod left off. It is a realistic mod, simulating the rise of civilizations from the immemorial times, past the current era, and far into the future.

    The Trademark Feature of Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn is that you choose the new features. Every single addition is completely customizable, and can be enabled or disabled, to suit the user. You could choose to only take the speed optimizations and AI enhancements and leave all the new content. Or decide to use all the new content. Or anywhere in-between.

    Amongst the new Features are:

    Advanced and Realistic Diplomacy. Players can once again trade contact with other civilizations, establish embassies, trade for rights of passage, and sell their excess workers and military units. The AI will initiate it's own trades, and often attempt to instigate or calm wars, using all of it's means at it's disposal. Expect to have to manage diplomacy much more to gain a foothold in the world. Fail to understand the AI's demands and expect to have to face "aggressive negotiations." Realistic Diplomacy offers more forgiving AI, but harder to please AI. Over time, the AI will begin to forgive and forget past diplomatic events, good or bad. While this means your nuclear holocausts won't devastate diplomacy for all time, it also means simple gifts of technology will not keep others placated for long. Only a true kinship among nations will truly stand the test of time.

    Multiple Production and Research! Players will be able to, if they have excess resources, produce or research multiple buildings, units or technologies each turn. Expand your research and production capabilities to new heights! Your Capital city will never again waste turns constructing one missile each turn, now it could churn out five, ten, or hundreds, all depending on your production capabilities.

    Larger Cities! Cities, as they expand in culture, do not stagnate after reaching their second size! They can grow again, after reaching an "Influential" level of culture, allowing them to work an incredible 37 tiles and produce more than ever before. While this seems extravagant, healthiness and happiness will become a real problem as your city expands; plaguing you like never before. Fail to counter this, and expect to suffer.

    Peaks, Mountains, and Climbing, oh my! Mountain tiles now produce production, can have resources on them, and present unique benefits to your civilizations. Learn to climb them first, and your civilization will have a distinct military advantage and commercial advantage. Give your Generals the ability to cross them early, before anyone else, and the battlefield is yours to command. Build cities on Mountains, and unlock rare and specialized buildings that can only be built on peaks. Neglect them, and the AI will use them to crush your armies, cities, and civilization.

    More Content! New technologies for various sciences and historical aspects of humanity have been added. No longer can you neglect the entertainment of your cities, or ignore your economy. Civic choices will drastically affect military output, and a failure to prioritize your production will lead to your downfall. Ignore the Weather, and expect to be defeated by those who can predict, and ultimately, control it! Learn to terraform land to your will! Build sea tunnels underneath continents to span vast oceans and connect far flung cities. But be wary, the AI will too!

    Speed Optimizations! Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn offers incredible speed boosts over just Rise of Mankind alone, even if all the new content is disabled and unused. A New Dawn has used every means possible to increase the speed of the game.

    Requirements for Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn:

    A Copy of Civilization 4 & Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword Expansion or
    Civilization 4: Gold or
    Civilization 4: Complete or
    Civilization 4 & Beyond the Sword from Steam

    Have installed the 3.19 Patch

    1. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, Either turn off your UAC or Right-Click on your Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword shortcut, enter the properties menu, and under the "Compatibility" tab, select "Run As Administrator".

    2. Download the Mod from the link above

    3. Install the "Mods" folder on your computer (the installer should attempt to help you out here)

    4. Install AND with the components you want.

    5. Launch BTS, load Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn, and play!