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Rise of Mankind Mega 2.81patch 2016-10-05

Rise of Mankind Mega 2.81patch

  1. zappara
    This patch updates Rise of Mankind 2.8Mega version to v2.81. Make sure you have installed that version before applying this patch. Do not apply this patch to RoM 2.8Full or 2.8Lite versions.

    Unzip the patch to ...\Beyond the sword\Mods\ -folder and overwrite files if asked to.

    The patch updates several mod components to newer versions: RevDCM 2.6->2.61, Better BtS AI 0.81M->0.82J, BUG 4.1->4.2, Unofficial patch 1.3->1.31 and BULL 1.00 official. The patch contains also various bug fixes and tweaks to RoM.