Rise of Mankind Patch 2.5->2.52 2016-10-05

Rise of Mankind Patch 2.5->2.52

  1. zappara
    This is patch for Rise of Mankind mod v2.5 and v2.51. Patch includes v2.51 changes too.

    Unzip the patch to Beyond the Sword\Mods -folder

    Version 2.52

    - Updated: Orion's Inquisition from 1.01f to 2.00b (several fixes to Inquisition & Religion system)

    Game defines
    - Added: setting to GameDefinesAlt.xml to turn on Multiplayer fix for Colonist/Pioneer units. Set to 1 for multiplayer games. Separate multiplayer fix file no longer needed.

    - Changed: onUnitBuilt in CvEventmanager, added extra check so that game doesn't make unnecessary civic checks until player reaches Future Era
    - Changed: SettlerEventManager now checks if Multiplayer fix is turned on in GameDefinesAlt.xml
    - Fixed: Inquisition code blocks moved from BugEventManager to CvEventManager, no longer 2 different event methods to Inquisition functions

    - Fixed: Arcology no longer scale around the city, instead it's placed on city center with set scale (in building art defines)


    Version 2.51

    - Fixed: GameUtils.py building upgrade lines

    - Fixed: Oil refinery event's building check should work correctly now