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Rise of Mankind Patch 2.63 2016-10-05

Rise of Mankind Patch 2.63

  1. zappara
    This patch updates Rise of Mankind mod v2.62 to v2.63. The patch updates the mod to use RevolutionDCM 1.02, Advanced Combat Odds 1.0, Examine City at Conquest and adds few python optimizations and bug fixes. This patch is meant for normal Rise of Mankind v2.62, the patch does not work for Megapack version.

    Version 2.63
    Spoiler :
    - Merged: RevolutionDCM 1.02
    - Merged: Examine city at Conquest
    - Merged: Advanced Combat Odds 1.00
    - Merged: OOSLogger

    - Added: No Building Graphics module (optional), to enable the module move its folder move it from 'Unloaded Modules\Custom Buildings\' to 'Modules\Custom Buildings\'. Enabling this module disables most regular building graphics, Wonders are still shown in cities. Enabling this module can save lots of RAM when running the mod, thus there should be less MAFs in late game.

    - Changed: Corporation pedia pages show now buildings and units enabled by each corporation
    - Changed: City screen shows now how many National and Great Wonders it has already built (next to city name)
    - Changed: Changing player only allowed when cheat mode enabled
    - Changed: CvGameUtils Inquisitor checks optimized bit
    - Changed: CvGameUtils getUnitCostMod optimized
    - Changed: CvGameUtils getBuildingCostMod optimized
    - Changed: CvEventManager Building Upgrade lines optimized -> turns should be faster
    - Fixed: AbandonCity component
    - Fixed: Immigrant event trigger
    - Fixed: Colonist and Pioneer should not cause OOS error anymore
    - Fixed: Inquisition works correctly when Revolution component is disabled (CvGameUtils.py)
    - Fixed: Revolutions no longer give national or team units to new civs

    - Added: Human player can now refuse to talk to other civs with "Cease bothering us!" comment, Player can ask the AI to cease contacting them. If the AI wants to contact the human player but has been told not to, the AI will behave as if the human player had rejected whatever request the AI was intending to make. This may either be no change in attitude, a change in attitude or perhaps an unexpected war declaration as well! All war declaration diplomacy contact and first contact meetings are not affected by this option. The AI behaviour is 100% BTS behaviour equivalent and so there is no change in the AI behaviour. The change is actually only an interface enhancement useful to the human player when there are a lot of insignificant AI's about that the human player does not want to communicate with. The do not bother status is not saved in the game state, so reloading or restarting will reset all do not bother status to back to vanilla contact behaviour. This is good, because there is a high likelihood that players will forget that they have told the AI to shut up between gaming sessions, and thus are wide open to unexpected surprises in diplomacy.

    - Fixed: Interstate event uses Highways instead of Roads (thought I had this fixed in previous patch...)

    - Changed: Salt unique range 5->3, placement order 5 -> 2
    - Changed: Gold placement order 5->2, can appear on jungle/forest hill plot
    - Changed: Silver placement order 5->2
    - Changed: Ivory placement order 5->3, appearance 40->100

    - Fixed: worldpicker now chooses suitable graphics for RoM_ mapscripts

    - Fixed: New religions use now correct movie sound files when religions are founded

    Game options
    - Changed: Advanced Combat Odds is ON by default (setting 1)
    - Changed: Super Spy promotions are ON by default (Deceiver trait requires it to be on)
    - Changed: Inquisitions are ON by default
    - Changed: Battle effects are OFF by default

    Unzip to folder 'Beyond the Sword\Mods' and overwrite the old files when asked.