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Rise of Rome 2016-10-05

Rise of Rome

  1. Genghis.Khan
    New Version Fixed Many Errors

    Map Based on Rome Total War Provinces
    Uses the Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations Mod by aramox26

    [GandK] Comapitibility: NOT TESTED

    Download Instructions

    Spoiler :
    1. Download the .zip file from the Civilization Fanatics Forum´s Database
    2. Save the Mod in Default C:\Users\Alex\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS
    3.Launch the Game
    4.Enable the Mod
    5.Select the Civ_Rise_Of_Rome_Scenario_Map


    Play as one of the Classical World Empires and Conquer all the Known World


    Rome - Rome
    Brittania - Britons
    Carthage - Carthagians
    Gaule - Gaulish
    Schytia - Schytia
    Germanic Tribes - Germanic Tribes
    Iberians - Iberians
    Greeks - Greeks
    Egyptians - Egypt
    Dacians - Dacia
    Macedonians - Greeks
    Seleucids - Greeks
    Numidia - Arabia
    Pontus - Greeks
    Parthia - Persia
    Armenia - Persia
    Thrace - Persia


    Spoiler :
    Research Agreements are Disabled
    Units Have No Resource Cost
    Units and Buildings are Much Cheaper
    3 Units Per Tile
    Domination Victory Condition is the only enabled
    Every Civilization starts in Medieval Era


    1. rise_of_rome_5xE.png