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Rise of the Prince 2016-10-05

Rise of the Prince

  1. randomScrubX

    Forum Thread:

    "Population is power."
    "The world belongs to whoever gets there first."
    "The man in front is always the first to die."​

    You will learn the meaning of these profound truths and more, for the world is a harsh, unforgiving mistress who delivers her lessons lesson in suffering and punishes failure with annihilation.

    You must guide your civilization from the dawn of time to the end of time. Your only hope of victory as well as survival is to grow a powerful civilization, devouring those weaker than you and defending yourself from those stronger than you.

    I have improved several aspects of the game to make it more realistic as well as more amusing. Population is much more valuable now because units are formed out of population. I have fixed the upgrade paths so most units can upgrade all the way to the end of their appropriate chains. War is no longer the slow, grinding affair it once was. Wars are swift, bloody and brutal. I have seen large scale wars fought and civilizations wiped out with nothing but chariots and spearmen!

    This mod features:

    1. Special rules for speed improvement: loading times are reduced up to 95%
    2. A greatly revised rule system featuring;
      • Vastly improved military aspect!
      • Several new units and wonders added to the end of the tech chain give every civilization a fighting chance, making the modern age the deadliest of them all!
      • Spies, Subversives and Dissidents allow smaller civilizations to band together and tear vast empires to pieces!
      • Units now cost population points to construct, ensuring wars have a definite end in sight and distinct measures of progress!
      • Improved pollution system accurately reflects role of pollution in society!
    3. New terrain graphics and new team colours
    4. 22 completely new units and 158 new units from other mods including cultural-based animations and a 2nd unique unit for each civ
    5. 5 new wonders and 25 from other mods
    6. 4 new civilizations = Assyria, Angola, Bantu, Canada and Israel
    7. 5 barbarian civilizations!
    8. A totally redesigned tech tree
    9. Religions
    10. Complete civilopedia entries

    Rise of the Prince was developed over more or less a year on and off and finally completed in December 2006!

    This mod needs the English/US version of Conquests, patched to 1.22.

    To find out more about the modpack this mod was based on look for look for Rhye's Civ3 mod.

    Here are some preview pics: