Rising Sun: Civilisations of Old Japan - Arigato Update 5.0

Adds sixteen Japanese civilisations to the game (14 samurai clans plus the Ryukyuans and Ikko-ikki).

  1. Homusubi
    Rising Sun Arigato 2.png

    Updated 05/01/17: Arigato Update! (Use instead of previous Rising Sun versions)

    Arigato Update Changelog
    -Added a TSL Japan map featuring all the civs except Ryukyu. (The Ikko-ikki start at Nagashima)
    -Reworked all the icons.
    -The alpha icons are now proper kamon instead of pixelated blobs.
    -Konishi now has its own kamon and colour scheme instead of using Spain's.
    -Oda, Toyotomi, Akechi, and Uesugi now have the correct colour scheme and the same kamon design across colour and alpha.
    -Cities should no longer go invisible sometimes.
    -Previously unpromotable UUs should now be promotable.
    -Added five new leaderheads, so that no two Japanese civs share a leaderhead. Sho Hashi now has his own artwork; Augustin Konishi still has William's.
    -All the leaders now have unique greeting messages.
    -Nerfed Kato and Ikko-ikki.
    -The first two thirds of the Oda city list is now properly Oda. The Oda capital is now Kiyosu instead of Nagoya or Kyoto.
    -Sakamoto now has a more readable colour scheme.
    -The five minor civs (now Kyoto, Izumo, Fu'nai, Tsushima, and Hakodate, one of each CS type) no longer conflict with the major civs and no longer share colour schemes.
    -A few misc bugfixes and historical name changes.

    This mod adds fourteen Japanese samurai clans, plus the Ryukyu Kingdom and Ikko-Ikki, as playable civilisations. This is the Brave New World version.

    South Kyushu - Shimazu Yoshihiro
    UA: Wakon Yosai: Double luxury resource quantity available when trading. +1 Gold from sea trade routes. Sea trade routes gain a 50% increase in range.
    UU: Tanegashima: Replaces the Rifleman. In addition to its normal melee attack, can also perform a slightly weaker ranged attack.
    UB: Tenmonkan: Replaces the Observatory. Does not require a mountain.

    North Kyushu - Kato Kiyomasa
    UA: The Tiger Daimyo: +17% Production across the civilisation. +50% Unhappiness from Population. (nerfed since last release)
    UB1: Banikuya: +4 Food and +2 Gold. Requires 2 Horses and a source of Horses nearby. Replaces the Stable, but does not confer any of its original benefits.
    UB2: Onsen: Replaces the Colosseum. +3 Happiness, +1 Food, no maintenance.

    Tokaido - Tokugawa Ieyasu
    UA: The Closed Country: Empire-wide Culture is increased by 50%. Receive half as much Tourism from Great Works as usual.
    UU: Shinobi: Replaces the Knight, but is almost completely unlike it! Basically a submarine on land, it is invisible until it attacks or moves adjacent to a unit.
    UB: Kabukiza: Replaces the Amphitheatre. +3 Culture and +2 Gold.

    Kansai - Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    UA: Kitchen of Japan: +3 Food from Fishing Boats.
    UB: Osaka Castle: Replaces the Palace, but with much more defence and produces more gold.
    UB2: Kabunakama: Replaces the Bank. Is available at Guilds. +10% Production.

    Shinshu - Takeda Shingen
    UA: Furinkazan: Units ignore terrain cost on hills. +1 Gold from Mines.
    UB: Dojo: Replaces the Armoury.+2 Happiness. +30 XP for land units only (no XP for naval and air)
    UB2: Yamajiro: Replaces the Castle. Requires a Mountain. All units trained in a Yamajiro city get Drill 1.

    Echigo - Uesugi Kenshin
    UA: Forts of Rock: Units are 33% more effective in friendly territory and 20% less outside it.
    UU: Kuruma Gakari: Replaces the Longswordsman. Can move after attacking. Starts with the March promotion.
    UB: Bishamonten Shrine: Replaces the Barracks. +2 Faith, +1 Happiness, +15 EXP.

    Shikoku - Sakamoto Ryoma
    UA: To Defy Sakoku: Military units can embark on ocean from the start of the game. +1 naval movement.
    UU: Jizamurai: Replaces the Pikeman. Can build Farms, Camps and Plantations.
    UU2: Kurofune: Replaces the Frigate, but has a range of 3.

    Chugoku - Mori Motonari
    UA: Takatora's Wisdom: Civilisation starts with Himeji Castle.
    UU: Atakebune: Replaces the Galleass. Has a lot more melee strength, but still can't melee attack (read: is harder to kill).
    UB: Floating Torii: Replaces the Shrine. Provides 2 Faith, plus another 2 for each sea resource worked by the city.

    Tohoku - Date Masamune
    UA: Abe Pioneers: Civilisation starts with 3 Settlers and an Archer.
    UB: Inari Shrine: Replaces the Temple. +1 Faith from Forest tiles nearby. +1 Faith from Deer and Furs.
    UI: Yamabushi Site: Available at Theology. +5 Culture. Can only be created on hills. Created by a Settler in the same way as a city.

    The Akechi - Akechi Mitsuhide
    Trait: The Enemy is at Honnoji: Units can move in rival territory without an Open Borders agreement.
    UU: Ronin: Replaces the Longswordsman. Does not require Iron. Can attack twice in one turn.
    UU2: Oyumi: Replaces the Crossbowman. Is available earlier and costs less Production.

    West Kyushu - Augustin Konishi
    Trait: The Sole Purveyor: Religious buildings can be purchased without a specific belief and by using Production or Gold.
    UB: Dejima: Replaces the Harbour. Gives 2 iron and 1 porcelain. Does not confer the sea resource benefits of harbours.
    UB2: Jesuit Mission: Replaces the Temple. +50% Religious Pressure.

    Kanto - Hojo Ujiyasu
    UA: Legacy of the Minamoto: Civilisation starts with 1 free Social Policy. Future policies cost 10% less Culture.
    UU: Kyuba no Michika: Replaces the Chariot Archer. Is stronger and ignores terrain cost.
    UB: Gojunoto: Replaces the Temple. +3 Faith, +10% Culture.

    East Shikoku - Miyoshi Hisahide
    UA: Fall of the Ashikaga: All units gain a 20% attack bonus against Cities.
    UB: Tearoom: Replaces the Garden. Doesn't require Fresh Water. Provides one slot for a Great Work of Art.
    UI: Henro Temple: +1 Faith. Available at Philosophy.

    Hokuriku - Maeda Toshiie
    UA: Kaga Hyakumangoku: +1 Gold from Farms. +1 Culture from Farms after discovering Guilds.
    UU: Sojutsu Ashigaru: Replaces the Pikeman. Costs 2/5 as much Production as a normal Pikeman. Slightly weaker.
    UB: Kutani Workshop: Replaces the Workshop. +3 Culture. Provides one unique Pottery luxury resource.

    Ikko-ikki - Rennyo
    UA: True Pure Land: Gain a free Great Prophet upon discovering Philosophy. +1 Faith in the Capital.
    UU: Sohei: Replaces the Pikeman. Slightly stronger and does not require maintenance.
    UB: Yamadera: City must be built within two tiles of a Mountain. +1 Faith from every Hill tile. Replaces the Temple.

    Ryukyu - Sho Hashi
    UA: Gateway to the Middle Kingdom: Earn a Great Scientist upon researching Optics, Engineering, Steam Power, and Flight.
    UU: Nunchaku: Replaces the Pikeman. Bonus against Melee units. No bonus against Mounted.
    UU2: Gushiku: Replaces the Castle. Provides Scientist specialist slots and Great Scientist points. Doesn't provide Defence or HP.

    Vanilla Japan has been changed to "Chubu". The Samurai has had an attack increase; the Zero has been removed and replaced with the Kajiya (this UB replaces the Forge, does not require iron, provides 2 iron, and does not confer the iron production bonus). It is still led by Oda Nobunaga.


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