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RoM 2.52: ABT 2016-10-05

RoM 2.52: ABT

  1. Civ Fuehrer
    The forum for this DL can be found here

    Installation Instructions:
    MUST have Rise of Mankind v2.52 installed, at this early age of the addon, untested if compatible with extra civs, fixed borders, or Abandon City Raise Building for RoM. Also, i use the non-mega pack version, so testing on that would also be nice.
    *Copy / Paste Rise of Mankind folder (must be v2.52) in BTS -> Mods
    *rename copy "RoM 2.52 ABT" (without "")
    *unzip folder to or extract to BTS -> Mods
    *allow all replacements
    *start game -> advanced -> load a mod -> RoM 2.52 ABT
    *have fun testing / thinking of new techs!