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RoM 2.7 1 : Religion's mod patch 2016-10-05

RoM 2.7 1 : Religion's mod patch

  1. AAranda
    It seems that the little phyton code included in my religion's and building's mods was causing a big delay between turns , wich wasn't noticed by me before because i'm using an old computer and i thought that was the cause of the delay
    The problem has been solved by Dancing hoskuld , who rewrote the code making the mod as smooth as silk
    If you are using both mods , please note that the file is the same , so you don't need to use it twice.
    Of course , the complete mods are still available and fixed properly since today , 1/8/2009

    :lol: TO INSTALL :lol:
    Simply replace the file provided in your RoM "Python" folder , wich is inside assets