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RoM 2.7 : Tornado and volcano events 2016-10-05

RoM 2.7 : Tornado and volcano events

  1. AAranda
    This mod adds visual effects to a couple of the most usuals events . For any comments , feedback , critizism , requests , what should be in or out , or wathever you want to say about my mods to RoM ( including i should better waste my time in football ) , please use the provided thread :http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=8218208#post8218208

    :) -VOLCANO When volcano event triggers , appears a real volcanono in the spot affeccted spitting fire and ashes for a few turns to the adjacent spots

    :) -TORNADO When vicious tornado event triggers , appears a real tornado in the spot affeccted for a few turns

    :goodjob: All credits goes to Hrochland and Fierabras , I only adapted their mods to RoM


    :goodjob: TO INSTALL:

    It is MOSTLY modular , all you have to do is place the "Custom terrain" and the "Custom events" folders inside your RoM modules folder , wich is inside "assets". Inside modules folder you will find 2 documents already existing in the original , just replace them.That's all
    When unzipped , you'll find other folder "phyton" , inside "assets". JUST OPEN FOLDERS AND REPLACE THE DOCUMENTS INSIDE THEM IN YOUR RISE OF MANKIND MOD.



    If you want to use more than a mod from me in your RoM game , you ll notice that some folders or files would be repeated . If that happens , don't worry about wich order follow or wich one goes first : all my mods were made to work together , doesn't matter the order , information needed for each mod is included in the others


    1. tornado_pmL.jpg
    2. volcano_XSx.jpg